Friday, July 15, 2011

Haul - China Glaze Nail Polish!

I’ve been spending a bit lately... I really shouldn’t as there’s about a bazillion things that I *should* be saving for, but pretty things keep catching my eye and I am weak! So, I have decided to start posting my hauls more regularly (I'll try to do them as I get them) so that you can see what I've been buying lately!

Anyway, the first haul post is from yesterday, when I received a package containing some China Glaze polish that I ordered from America. It arrived in super quick time – so much so that I may just have to put in another order very soon to take advantage of the quick shipping!

Anyway, here are my goodies - individual swatches to come soon! I got 4 crackle polishes (not the metallic ones, although I expect I will get those too) and 4 random non-crackle polishes!

L-R: Fault Line, Cracked Concrete, Broken Hearted and Crushed Candy!

L-R: Doll House, C-C-Courage, Mango Madness and Grape Juice!

I also bought Seche Base as I am currently trying to find products to cure or at least hide (very well) the pitting on my nails and make them smooth (or just appear it) like they used to be!
Can't wait to try them all out!


  1. That Doll house polish looks pretty =)

  2. It's gorgeous, but to get it to look how it looks in the bottle on the nail takes a good few coats. I don't mind this though as it means it's a bit more versatile, I can use it as a topcoat with just 1 or maybe 2 coats to add a bit of sparkle on another colour, or build it up if I want full coverage! Will swatch and post up soon. x

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