Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celeb Sunday - Christie Brinkley!

How beautiful is Christie Brinkley, still, at 57 years old. It's hard to believe she's just 7 years younger than my mum (although my mum is still beautiful of course). Yes, she has probably been having work done, but I don't think she's gone overboard with it if she has! I'd say that I hope I look as good as she does at her age, but I don't even look half as good at the grand old age of 30 so I'm thinking that it might be a bit too much to hope for, haha!

What do you think ladies (and gentlemen)? x

1 comment:

  1. If I look like that when I'm 57, I'll be more than happy! In fact, if I could look as good now, I'd be happy! I also love her dress and Loubs, both of which I'd happily wear. I find it really inspiring to see women in their 50s wearing stuff I'd wear now - it gives me hope that I won't have to give up wearing all of the things I love once I reach a certain age!


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