Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Beyonce!

After watching her fabulous performance at Glaston'berry' on TV this week, my girl crush on Beyonce has totally been renewed. She is amazing. I have no idea how she manages to dance like she does, and still look totally gorgeous at the end (I'd be crawling around in a big sweaty heap, I'm sure) seemingly with her beautiful make-up fully in tact too.

I've loved pretty much every one of Beyonce's hair styles, be it light, dark, straight, sleek, or curled - I think she suits it all, but I have to say, I'm loving the blonde afro that she's currently rocking!

I should probably stop gushing now, and leave you with a few more photographs!


  1. I LOVE Beyonce too, I missed her Glasto performance though and not actually seen it yet. I really want her to do a UK tour, she's meant to be amazing live!

  2. Yeah I would love to see her live too. Have you looked on BBC iPlayer, the performance may be on there as I caught it on BBC Three! x


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