Friday, July 29, 2011

MAC Summer 2011 'Surf Baby' Lipstick - Hibiscus!

Me wearing hibiscus just before my holiday!

MAC Hibiscus is part of the recently (ish) released Surf Baby collection, and is a lipstick that has ended up being one of my favourites, which was kind of inevitable, since it’s limited edition.
It’s a fabulous coral hue that I initially thought might not work for me, even though I loved the look of the colour in the tube, and love corals in general... but I’ve (happily) been proven wrong and it has become one of my most reached for lipsticks!
It is richly pigmented and applies brilliantly, although you couldn’t really tell this on the photo due to my slap-dash application (I had taken better photographs but they got corrupted along with a lot of others recently) plus, it stays on for AGES!
I really recommend this without any hesitation, I think you can still buy it in some stores/concessions, thankfully, as I’m about to buy a back up because I love it so much! 
Quick face shot of me wearing it with no other make-up!


  1. This is one of my favourites too! I was lucky enough to get one from a blog sale at a very reduced price! It's such a fab colour and would suit most skin tones too! x

  2. Pretty colour! I just bought a coral one from elf, but it turned out to just be pale pink! Dont think ill ever find one! :P :)

  3. Bright colors are outstanding.

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