Friday, November 11, 2011

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer!

I’m always on the hunt for skin perfecting products, especially primers that claim to help disguise/hide pores as this is one of my (many) main skin complaints; so it’s no surprise that I picked up a tube of this when I saw it in store.

I’ve had my Too Faced ‘Primed & Poreless’ for a little while now (as you can see by the worn away writing on the tube), and I have to say, I do use it quite a lot (you only need a small amount, it lasts for ages) – even though I don’t really think that it makes any difference to the appearance of my pores.

The formulation feels very silky, which is because it’s silicone based (I love the feel of these kinds of products – is that weird?) and it is slightly tinted too – although not greatly, so it is still suitable for most skin tones. It glides on the skin beautifully and really seems to help my make-up apply easier and stay on longer too – which are the reasons that I’ve actually kept on using it!
I notice that it has retinol in the ingredients, something that is proven to be great for your skin and helping imperfections, I can’t see any huge change though so I’m not entirely sure how much is included in there.

I’d recommend this to anybody who isn’t looking to perfect their pores, which frankly is ridiculous when you consider its name, but it does have its plus points – as mentioned. It is £21, so not exactly a bargain product but is worth checking out if you just want your make-up to stay put for longer! :-)


  1. I think this is similar to benefits porefessional primer which that didnt do much for my skin either. Im supprised that they have put retinol in there too.


  2. Yeah I was surprised by the retinol in there too - didn't expect it at all! I've got a Sisley primer on its way to me now so I'll be reporting on that very soon too! x


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