Saturday, November 12, 2011

Illamasqua Launches Liverpool Store!

I look like death warmed up, sorry. How gorgeous is Alex Box though?!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Illamasqua Liverpool store launch, and it was amazing. Seriously, it was like my own private heaven (except there were other people there) with so many amazing products in even more amazing colours!

The launch had everything I like in a launch, great people, a great atmosphere and a fabulous cocktail (tequila based) to sip on whilst I browsed the store and generally mingled with people there. I even had the absolute pleasure of spending quite a lot of time with the absolutely awesome (and so very lovely) Alex Box who is everything I hoped she'd be, and more - and also spent some time with Illamasqua's founder and chairman, Julian Kynaston who was also very lovely indeed. You can really see the passion for the brand with these guys, which is so very refreshing to see.

The store is amazing, it looks fantastic (as you'd expect) and is well laid out, the products are easy to view and also play about with, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable to boot. It's easy to get to from Liverpool Lime St train station on foot at the Met Quarter (near MAC) and I really haven't a bad word to say about it, other than I wish it was in Manchester instead/also!

I really wanted to have lashes applied at the event, but the pair that had been put aside for me got pinched unfortunately, so I had lipstick applied instead (see first pic) - and what a fab lipstick it was, I can't remember the name of it, but I NEED to buy it so I will have to find out!
I didn't really get any photographs worth showing as I took my point and shoot, which was bloody awful to use and with awful photographs to show for it, especially now that I am used to my DSLR (and yes, I did keep going to look through the non-existent viewfinder - how very embarrassing) so the photographs included in this post were taken by others at the event (including Pixie Voltaire) - excuse how I look, I almost didn't make it there as I was really quite poorly!


  1. I think you look really nice. I'm also jealous that you went to this as Illamasqua is fast becoming one of my faves :-)

  2. Thanks lovely, I felt rotten and just ended up scraping my hair back which made me feel even worse about how I looked haha! Illamasqua are a great brand, I've been loving their products - got another Illamasqua post coming up soon too! xx


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