Friday, November 18, 2011

Gel Nail Swatches - Final Thoughts!

You may remember the gel nails that I had done at Professional Beauty North a while back?! Well I thought I'd do a quick update post showing the polish after 3 and a half weeks of wear and what I thought about how they left my nails after.

As you can see, all brands stood up well in how well they lasted, none of them chipped, wore away or changed in appearance at all - and that is pretty damn impressive. Nothing I did made any difference to how they looked. In fact, they were all still so very pretty, that I did feel a bit bad when I removed them.
Saying that though, I was definitely ready to remove them as you can see, my nails have grown quite a lot and there was a huge gap between my cuticle and where the polish started - and normally, I'd have taken the polish off way before I did, but this was an experiment, and so they stayed put.

After removing them, the only nail that appears to have suffered any damage was my thumbnail, which had the Calgel on. It feels so dry and is hugely marked, even buffing didn't smooth it out - I'll spare you the photographs I took, it's not pretty at all!

I'd certainly recommend the NuBar Gelicure and Artistic Colour Gloss without hesitation, and would just say to make sure that the Calgel system isn't going to damage your nails before you have it done as other than the damaged nail, I was still very impressed. I can't honestly say if this damage was a one off as this is my one and only nail/experience of it, just approach with caution and make sure you know everything there is to know.

Do you have gel nail polish? If so, which one and do your nails ever get damaged with it? x

P.S - The Kooky Nail Wrap lasted 2 weeks, although there was tip-shrinkage quite soon into that but it wasn't awfully noticeable!


  1. The red and silver glitters are gorgeous :-)

  2. Wow, they look fab, really Christmassy.
    I can't believe they lasted that long,
    though if it was me I probably would have got bored and repainted within the week :P

  3. Such a pretty red color, love the effect and its really just awesome! thanks for sharing:)
    I love gel nail polish .

    Cindy xx

  4. I have tried many different gel nail polishes, but this is still the one I go back to. The color is so easy to apply and it dries in a minute or two, wether you need to buy original Dip Nail Powder for best results. It is also very affordable and lasts for at least a week before chipping. Gel nails are a great alternative to acrylic or natural nail.


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