Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Few Gel Nail Swatches & A Kooky Nail Wrap From Pro Beauty North 2011!

 The ORLY/OPI combination is what I was wearing before the show, thought you might also like a little look at that too though?! Picture doesn't do it justice!
Whilst at Professional Beauty North on Sunday, I thought it would be rude to not partake in a few trial gel nails, since I've actually never had them done before(!) which frankly seems ridiculous, being that I am a beauty blogger! The gel nail polishes that I had applied were by Artistic Colour Gloss, Nubar Gelicure and Calgel Nail System and so far, I am impressed with them all!

I wanted shimmery, glittery finishes and I wasn't disappointed - the bonus of having gel colour and glitter is that you get a totally smooth finish. The Nubar Gelicure is by far the most blingy of the ones I chose, and consists of 2 coats of a grey polish (I think it's called smokey or something) followed by 2 coats of the silver glitter and I love, love, LOVE it!

The Artistic Colour Gloss is 3 coats of a shade called 'Hotness' from what I can remember and it is beautiful, it looks like it's lit from within with all the sparkles... totally stunning and I think would be perfect for Christmas, don't you agree?! It also doesn't look sheer near the base of my nail like the photograph shows it, think that must've been the flash playing tricks there.

The Calgel system is actually applied from a tub, rather than a bottle and is self levelling, which is great for those of you with ridges or pitting as it REALLY smoothes the nail (so do the others, but I feel this one does it a little more)... I don't know the shade of this one, but it is lovely all the same!

This gel is said to last 4 weeks, which sounds great... but honestly, in 4 weeks time there will be a big gaping hole between the colour and my cuticle that I really wouldn't want, so I think this would be coming off long before then!

I also had a heatless nail wrap applied (above), they're by Kooky and I've been watching them for a while, ever since receiving an email with some of their stunning designs on that really caught my eye (see below)!

I had the Snakeskin Brown & Gold design (second one in) applied on my middle finger, and it looks gorgeous... so I bought a pack whilst there (well, it would have been rude not to) - I forgot to add them to my haul post yesterday as my brain just wasn't functioning as it should, whoops!

I like that they're heatless, it's one less step for me to muck up so on that score they're a big win - I shall let you know how long they last when I do a full review as I'm not sure if the heat would make a difference in how long they last! There's also a MASSIVE range of designs available, I could have honestly bought a lot more than I did, but I was a good girl and stuck to just one!

Do you likey, ladies? x

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  1. omg i love the red so christmassy hehe xD

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