Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Jodie Marsh!

For me, there are no words at all... it's just not my cup of tea at all, and I can't understand why anybody would want to paint and oil themselves up like that. 
However, I know her muscles look so 'bad' (to me) because she's flexing for the show, just look at the picture from after the show... she doesn't look so bad without the tensing and body paint! What do you think?


  1. I tweeted last night to say that chocolate body paint and flexing aside I think she looks INCREDIBLE.

  2. I think she looks ok in the second set of pics (still more muscly than I think I'd want to look) but honestly this girl is such an attention seeker - anything for a bit of attention!!

  3. OMG scary!!! Saw this on Twitter earlier and couldn't believe it. She does look sort of normal when not posing, but yeah, still strange :/

  4. Charlie - The 'normal' photographs of her are so much better. I still think it's a little bit too muscley for me - although I'd rather have that than my flabby arms (I'd just be careful not to tense them anywhere haha)! x

    Lucy - She does indeed, and the second set are infinitely better - thankfully. x

    Evelyn - Haha I was shocked when I saw the first photographs of her also! x

  5. Ive seen her on this morning today and tbh Im glad shes doing something construtive with her life than falling out of clubs etc. She seems very happy. The masculine look isnt for me but I think she looks very healthy otherwise...good on her!


  6. The show pics made me go "oh my fecking god!!" but actually she looks pretty good in the normal shots x

  7. AOG - She looked loads better on This Morning, I saw it too. It's just the paint and flexing that looks horrific haha!

    Sian - Totally, there's a huge difference, isn't there.



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