Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick Beauty Deal - Nails Inc Purple Magnetic Nail Polish on Buyapowa!

Buyapowa is a site that offer the chance to buy products much cheaper than their RRP through a co-buying system, the more people buy, the cheaper the price gets. I've noticed another great deal on there that is available RIGHT NOW! Nails Inc Magnetic nail polish in Houses of Parliament (purple) currently stands at £9, however there are 34 of these left and they will most likely get to the £7 best price on there too (every other deal has managed to, that I've seen) with free postage, which is a fantastic saving off their retail price.

So, if you've fancied trying out a magnetic polish but like me, could never find the 17 polishes in store (or in stock), now's your chance to give it a go!  - this is my referral link, however I think it only counts as a referral if/when you actually select my name (Claire L) after your purchase and click submit (which is totally up to you)! 


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