Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Wordless' Wednesday - Dannii Minogue!

Dannii Minogue has gone for the chop again, and I LOVE how it's styled in the photograph above... it's totally rock chick and really suits her! I am also loving her jewellery, nails and eye make-up too - it all works perfectly together to create the look!

However, I don't like how her hair is styled in the photographs below! I think the first style looks like she had a 5 year old cut and style her fringe, and it's just too severe for her. The second photograph is a bit too mumsy - especially teamed with that blouse, and whilst mumsy isn't necessarily a *bad* look for everybody, it just doesn't sit so well with Ms Minogue! I actually think that both looks in the photographs below make her look OLD, much older than she usually looks.  What do you think?


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