Saturday, October 29, 2011

Titanic Spa & Our Girl's Night In!

 Reception & waiting area.
Reception desk.
Shop, leading through to hairdressers.

I recently visited the Titanic Eco Spa on a press trip with a fabulous group of girls, including Harriet (from the PR agency), Yinka (Vex in the City), Priya (BeautyWowza), Natasha (The Trusted Beauty Guide) and Hannah (The Times) and what an amazing trip it was.

When we arrived at the spa we were greeted with a drink whilst we checked in - at this point you’re also given your itineraries for any treatments included in your package or that you have booked in as extras, and if you’re staying over you will also have your bags taken up to your room for you.
 Bistro and Kitchen.
Buffet area at breakfast.

We were then shown to the bistro where they provided a small buffet lunch, when I say small, I mean in terms of selection, but there was plenty of each selection available. The buffet had about 4 salad-y dishes (coleslaw, chickpea and pepper salad, normal salad and a cucumber salad if I remember correctly), bread rolls, jacket potato halves, a hot potato, leek and feta cheese dish (suitable for vegetarians, which is what I ate and really enjoyed) and a chicken curry with rice, which I obviously didn’t eat but everybody else seemed to enjoy! I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t ONLY salad available as I had been wondering what kind of food they’d be serving.
Treatment waiting area.
Treatment room.

After lunch I had a treatment booked in, the Pinks Boutique Organic Massage where I was taken to one of the many treatment rooms and asked to choose which organic oil I’d like from a choice of 3. I chose the peppermint as that was meant to be good for my muscles – perfect for after travelling with a heavy bag (since I don’t really do travelling light, even for a one night stay), but there was also lemongrass or lavender oil to choose from too (lavender was relaxing and lemongrass was uplifting).

This treatment was a light, but lovely full body massage that was so very relaxing, luckily not so relaxing that I fell asleep – I’m always a bit wary of falling asleep during a massage and ending up dribbling or snoring, things I wouldn’t do normally, but I’m certain I would, should I ever fall asleep during a treatment like this. After the treatment I was left to my own devices to take advantage of the spa’s numerous facilities.

Firstly I went into the relaxation room which couldn’t have been more aptly named as it was full of beanbags, beds and other kinds of lounging furniture for you to chill out, or sleep on. It even had a sunken area full of beanbags that looked so cosy, but was always occupied when I went in there. It was so lovely to just be able to sit and relax in there – perfect for clearing the mind.
Heat & Ice Experience
Heat & Ice - Crystal Steam Room
Heat & Ice - Ice!
Heat & Ice - Plunge Pool.
The Bucket!!

I then went to the Heat and Ice Experience room, where ‘the experiences on offer originate from cultures dating back thousands of years and are renowned for cleansing and beautifying the body’ and where the ‘sensory journey has the ultimate aim of inducing deep relaxation’. I have to say, it was great, I felt utterly refreshed after being in there and my skin felt fab for it too (although that could be partly due the oils used on my body during the massage). Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to try out the cold water bucket – I honestly meant to, we were all going to do it whilst together but then time ran away with us and we didn’t manage it.
Pool and Jacuzzi area (gym in the distance behind the window - I didn't go in there though)

After my Heat & Ice Experience I visited the pool where I lounged on the loungers (they recline so that you’re lay much further back... so much so that I scared myself when I first went to tip it backwards as I didn’t think it was going to stop, luckily it did) and relaxed even more. After a while, I decided it was time to be brave and take my robe off for a swim – I honestly don’t know what I was so worried about though as nobody gave two hoots about this kind of thing. I swam for a while and even had a bit of a chill out in the Jacuzzi section, bliss.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to go to the apartment to start getting ready for dinner, and I was totally blown away by how spacious it was. It was also furnished to a high standard and the country views from the HUGE windows were spectacular – I was honestly expecting nothing more than an average hotel-type room. Just look at the photographs to see for yourself!
Dinner in the bistro was a relaxed affair (although there were no robes to be seen) with a chilled atmosphere and a 2 course meal included if you’re staying over. For your 2 courses, you could choose to have a starter and main, or a main and dessert. We ALL (rather predictably?) went for the latter, with most of us having the chocolate orange fudge cake – which was SO worth all the calories it must have contained. For my main, I had a curry that contained sweet potato and pepper (I think) which was nice, but for me could have done with more vegetables in it.

Our dinner was so much fun, I could not have been with a better bunch as we laughed and chatted our way through most of it. We then continued the fun and laughter up in the apartment where we had a couple of bottles of fizzy stuff, some chocolate, popcorn and DVDs to accompany it. It was the perfect end to a great day – I totally recommend you having a girl’s night in there!
 Girl's Night In Goodies!
 Girls night in photographs (two courtesy of Priya @ BeautyWowza)
  Breakfast Hamper!
This little fella shared a croissant with me at 7:30am!
The treatment room where I had my Elemis facial.

The next morning I had booked in for an Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial, a treatment that claims to resurface and smooth the skin and one that I really enjoyed having, both in terms of the relaxation but also the massage that came with it – heaven! My skin was glowing when I left – I highly recommend this treatment. Book early though to make sure you are able to have your treatment, in fact book them when you book your trip if you can as demand can be high, but also because you’re likely to get a 10% discount on the treatment cost if you do so too!

I can’t recommend this spa enough, the staff there are SO friendly and always willing to help and the spa and facilities are divine, you could literally fall asleep ANYWHERE in there, it is SO relaxing and such a lovely experience. Not forgetting that this is an ECO Spa so all your lovely relaxation time and treatments are practically guilt free on that score – you can read more on their eco credentials here:

Thanks again to all the gorgeous girls who I was with for making it SO much fun. x

My stay was provided free of charge, I paid for the Elemis facial myself.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! It looks lovely! Think I need to visit!

  2. Your pics came out lovely hun! Specially love the one of you and me 'camera picture wars' hahahha In fluffy robes! It really was a perfect girls night in :) FAT COKE!!

  3. Diary of a country girl - It was amazing, I completely recommend you going with a group of your girly mates. It's an ideal treat! :-)

    Beauty Balm - It really was, I keep wishing I was back there. x

    Priya - Why thank you gorgeous, that means a lot coming from you, the professional haha! Can't believe how much fun we all had, we really need to do it again... FAT COKE alllll the way hahaha! x

  4. Oooo this place looks lovely. Looks like you had a lovely time :-).

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