Monday, October 17, 2011

Professional Beauty Nubar & China Glaze Nail Polish Haul!

First off, sorry for my lack of posting, I've been a bad blogger (and not very organised) as I didn't get a chance to schedule any posts whilst away from home over the weekend!

Yesterday I went to Professional Beauty North @ Manchester Central (although if you're like me, you actually still call it the GMEX) and whilst I wasn't there as long as I'd have liked (Mr Beauty Scoop was bored!), you'll be pleased to know that I still managed to have quite a large nail polish spending spree.

 Nubar Prisms Full Collection!
 Nubar Prisms Close Up!
 Nubar Prisms Close Up!
 Nubar Reclaim
Nubar Sparkles Collection!

I bought 20 Nubar polishes, including the full Prisms collection as I love the look of the holographic finishes, all but the silver G180 polish from the Sparkle collection since I already own that one (and have blogged about it HERE!), and Reclaim, the green holographic polish from the Going Green collection. I also bought a few random sparkly ones that I think I'll use as topcoats to make plainer polishes twinkle!

 China Glaze 'Let it Snow' Seasonal Sparkles Set!
 China Glaze 'Let it Snow' Belle of the Ball Set!

From China Glaze I bought 2 Christmas sets (I would have bought more but they had sold out(!) on the first day) including Seasonal Sparkles that contains Poinsettia, Twinkle Lights and Holly-Day polishes, and the Belle of the Ball set that contains Champagne Bubbles and Tinsel Town polishes and a bauble - I have a few more bits from the Christmas/Holiday 2011 'Let it snow' collection coming from America too, I'll show you when they arrive!
L-R: It's Alive, Señorita Bonita,Ruby Pumps, Ahoy, 108 Degrees, Pool Party!

I also bought 6 other China Glaze polishes including 108 Degrees, Señorita Bonita, Pool Party, Ahoy, It's Alive and Ruby Pumps!!

I'd have loved to have spent more time (and money) there but after leaving early, and remembering how packed it was on the Monday last year, I decided to quit whilst I was ahead and order some more bits online at some point. I don't think I did too badly, do you?

Did anybody else go to Professional Beauty? If so, what, if anything did you buy? x


  1. Great choices!

    I missed out on the Dublin Professional Beauty Event & posts like this make me sad :(

    Looking forward to NOTDs though x

  2. I went :D I went today, was so busy made me feel ill! See what I got here -

  3. Very nice haul =D

    I need a few of the Nubar ones^^

  4. I'm so jealous! You scored some amazing colours there. I still can't find anyone selling Nubar in Australia. :(

  5. im so Jealous! they look amazing im so obsessed with nail varnish haha! i love the neon pink!
    ((Check out my Triple F,((FiveFridayFavourites)))

  6. Fantastic stash you've bought. I wish we had events like that here. :)
    How much is a Nubar polish there?

  7. I was at Professional Beauty on Sunday. It was my first time at an event like this and wow did I underestimate how much money to put aside for it! I could have spent a fortune! As it was I ended up with hauling out half of the OPI stand!

    TOP TIP: I noticed that a lot of people were asking to buy the Muppet collection at the OPI stand which, as a Limited Edition collection they "weren't selling". However if you looked at some of the manicure/pedicure sets that you could buy then a couple of the Muppets Polishes were in there. I scored Wocka Wocka! So always double check which polishes are the gift type sets.


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