Monday, October 24, 2011

Miners Matte Factor Liquid Lipsticks - Full Set Swatched!

Shown in same order L-R: Deep Red, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Peach, Warm Red, Cappuccino

Miners are a cosmetic company that have been around for many years (established in 1937!), maybe not always at the forefront of the cosmetic world but there all the same; and when I got the press release for this ‘liquid lipstick’ collection in my inbox my attention was immediately captured.

The colours really stood out to me on the photograph (shown above) as there looked to be a good selection of colours that would be very wearable for most people, but without being boring; and for the most part, I haven’t been disappointed!

The only 2 shades that I don’t like now that I’ve tried them out are Cappuccino and Light Pink, and whilst I say I don’t like them, I don’t mean they’re awful colours, they just don’t work for me and I’ll explain my reasoning for that now.
Light Pink!

The light pink is a little too light for my colouring I feel, and also makes any dryness on my lips stand out a lot more. I just feel with the other shades you can hide this a little more, my lips were a bit dry on the day I took the photographs (I was poorly, hence slap dash application and bad photographs - sorry) but this is definitely more evident with the Light Pink.

I also don’t think Cappuccino suits my skin tone, it’s not a shade I’d usually go for, but if you like your nude-y brown-y shades this could be for you – in fact my mum has already told me that this is the one that she wants to pinch!!

Pigmentation wise, they’re great, verrry pigmented and easy to get good coverage - yet you can apply a sheer coat for a more subtle colour just as easily. Application is easy too, they have a doe-foot applicator like you’d expect for this kind of packaging, just take a little more care than you would with a gloss, purely because of the pigmentation of the products.
 Hot Pink!
Warm Red!

Whilst the lip paints are matte in finish (although the pictures do show a slight sheen, this is from me applying lip balm to try to counteract my dry lips whilst I was ill), I don’t find them as drying as a lot of other matte finish lip products which is a definite plus point for me. They also last well, not quite so well as my OCC Lip Tars and such like, but more than adequately for their price point – especially the darker and brighter shades.
Deep Red!

All in all, these have actually been a very pleasant surprise to me, in all areas (performance, pigmentation, application and colour choice) and I’ll certainly be repurchasing in selected colours when these run out!

Available for £3.99 at

PR Samples - Views are my own!


  1. wow they look awesome :O
    i want them all haha

  2. Love the light pink. Right up my street. I didn't even know Miners still existed how terrible is that? £3.99 is amazing value too. Defo going top check out the rest of the range.



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