Friday, October 7, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent - Holiday 2011 and New Lipstick Range - Rouge Pur Couture Lustre!

The smoky eye is in full force over at YSL for their Holiday 2011 collection... I am loving the look of the black/grey shade palette and I actually saw this being worn by the YSL lady at the YSL counter in Manchester's Boots store and it looked amazing! Also loving that they have included a matte and glossy black polish, I do love them when used together (see above).

Below the Holiday 2011 products there's also a new lipstick line being released, Rouge Pur Couture which looks fabulous - especially that pink!

Below are some images of some of the collections - what do you think?

           5 Ombres Lumieres Palette - Noir Terriblement!  Face Highlight Palette - Blanc Terriblement!
 Black Matte and Gloss Polishes!
                  Ombres Duo Lumieres - No 39                               Ombres Duo Lumieres - No 41
 Rouge Pur Couture - No.40
YSL Golden Gloss No's 47, 45 and 44.
               Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre - No.102.         Rougue Pur Couture Golden Lustre - No.101
 Rought Couture Golden Lustre Full Range and No.110

Launches October 19th!


  1. I love YSL - great products and the packaging just screams luxury! x x

  2. Urgh the packing is enough to make me want!


  3. I am loving this collection! Not so keen on the white eyeshadow though :p Lippys are to die for!! I want the hot pink

  4. omg ! i actually want everything haha
    these all look amazing i love the purple lip colour!! ((blog))

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