Friday, October 7, 2011

The World's Most Expensive Blow Dry?!

How much would you spend on a blow dry? Would you be prepared to pay £320 for the pleasure?

I received a press release with information on 'The World's Most Expensive Blow Dry' which immediately caught my attention. The treatment, provided at Urban Retreat in Harrods uses Dutch haircare brand, Fuente's products and here's the info on the treatment, products and ingredients that I had sent to me for you to check out!

"The world's first self-thinking shampoo, Truffle by Fuente employs the skin of white truffle, pure diamond dust and meteorite extracts in order to restore the hair to its' finest possible condition, whatever the extent of damage. The unique combination of ingredients enables an individual, bespoke response to each specific hair type, resulting in an intelligent hair treatment that will deliver true scalp health and silken, glossy beauty from root to tip.

In celebration of this revolutionary product, the Urban Retreat has created The World's Most Expensive Blowdry.This extraordinary treatment utilises the transformative power of Truffle Shampoo and Reconditioner at our relaxing hairwash spa. Clients will enjoy a heavenly hot stone cranial massage, which will work to maximise the ingredients' efficacy and can also help to promote hair growth. To ensure guests leave the salon looking fabulously groomed and feeling their absolute best, the treatment will be completed with a glossy blowdry by Urban Retreat's Creative Director Flavian Abbas. Clients will be gifted with a full sized bottle of Truffle Shampoo and Reconditioner so that the luxury will endure long after they leave the salon.

Inject a little radiance into your hair and feed it with the Earth's rarest natural ingredients with the World's Most Expensive Blowdry at Urban Retreat.

The World's Most Expensive Blowdry: £320, 1hr 30mins.
Truffle by Fuente Shampoo and Reconditioner Collection: £275."

If I had unlimited funds (or at least a great deal more than I have currently) then I have to say, I probably would spend that on my hair, if it was worth it, and by that I mean that I'd give it a go and if I found it to be worth the extra then I would have no problem in paying it on a more regular basis!

Obviously I'm not anywhere close to being a millionaire, so I'll have to make-do with my usual haunts, which aren't all that bad if I am honest; but would you be able to justify spending that much on a blow dry whether you were wealthy, or not?

To book the 'World's Most Expensive Blowdry' at Urban Retreat at Harrods please call 020 7893 8333!


  1. WOW! that is seriously expensive!! i can't quite believe what it could do to be worth THAT much! unless it turns your hair into strands of gold.. ha! x

  2. I've bought a ticket for Euromillions tonight so if I win, I'll treat myself to one of these :-)

  3. If I had the money, I'd be tempted! But I don't, so I won't :) x x

  4. If I won the lottery I'd definitely try it, even just to settle my curiosity to see if it really was worth the hype!


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