Friday, October 28, 2011

Slimming Down for Christmas!?

Me on the right - I can't believe that I thought I was FAT back then!!

I've had a sudden panic, realising that Christmas is only 2 months away... and my Christmas parties start even earlier. I've not really been thinking about Christmas in this way at all, until today. I've lost 3 stone of weight already, through taking medication for PCOS, which has made me realise that this was the main cause of my weight gain; but I do still have a bit of unwanted podge left that I think is probably there because I like the occasional chocolate bar and sweet treat, and I have a penchant for cheese, since I am a vegetarian (my diet isn't *bad* but it would probably benefit from a bit of an overhaul)!

Exercise has been a bit of a no no for me at the moment, since I have psoriatic arthritis which is currently fully flared up, my knees in particular are so swollen that I look like I am growing an extra pair!! So, it looks like I'm going to have to pull my socks up and tighten the diet strings, as eating the same as I do when I'm getting more exercise just isn't working (which is obvious, but try telling that to my taste buds).

I'm considering going back onto the Weight Watchers points system (without going to the meetings), I know the plan and I know it worked for me as a long term weight loss and maintenance option as I've done it in the past. However, I'm considering an option such as Diet Chef, or Jenny Craig or something like that, but I've never had any experience of these so I'm a bit wary as to how nice the food would be, and how filling it is (since they just essentially seem to be ready meals).

I know that if I lived in London, I'd have a whole new world of fabulous food delivery systems open to me, but I am in Manchester, and know of no such things. Plus I expect they're rather pricey, aren't they (?!) which isn't a sensible option on the run up to Christmas with all the gift buying I'll be doing!

I'd like to lose about a stone and a half, to 2 stone but I know that I need to be realistic and admit that actually, I'd probably be happy if I lost a stone in the month and a bit I have to do it. I just need to find the best way to do this, and get on with it.I should also be realistic and realise that I'll never look like I did in that photo, ever again *sob* (how rubbish is getting old?!).

Do any of you have any trusty diets/healthy eating plans (suitable for a vegetarian that can be a tiny bit fussy since I don't eat soy meat or anything trying to taste like meat and I'm fussy with how I eat egg too, textures put me off very easily) that may help me in my quest to get rid of my Santa's tummy asap? xx


  1. Hi. Can I ask what medication you're on for pcos? I have the same thing and was prescribed metformin but it seems to stop helping after a month or so! :-) p.s i'd suggest weight watchers or the dukan diet

  2. Hi! Dairy is likely the cause of your arthritis, my boyfriend had it but it cleared up when we went vegan! Why not give it a try? See and watch the dairy videos! Eggs are full of fat and cholesterol too!
    With a vegan diet, you will likely lose weight, and certainly lose the cruelty inherent in the dairy and egg industries! See Forks over Knives movie too!

  3. Siobhan - I'm on metformin too, my weight loss has slowed down now, which is why I've come to the conclusion that I must just need to put a bit more effort in myself with my diet haha. I've been on it a couple of years now though and it has helped with other things like regularity of my monthly visits (which are actually monthly now, I think I preferred having them once or twice a year now though haha)! I think the Dukan diet is quite meat and fish orientated, isn't it? xx

    Heidi - I'd consider it but I think I'd struggle. My arthritis is hereditary due to my psoriasis and my mum having the same illness - so thankfully I don't think the cheese caused it. I will stop eating it every day though. I don't eat egg much, only of it's in something that I can't taste or feel the texture of it in haha. xx

  4. It is important what we eat and drink, as it is to exercise daily, there are many diet programs out there, and it can be grim finding the right program. I stumbled across this one, which if you are not happy with will give you a 100% money back guarantee, if you're not happy with the program. Please take a look at the video on the following link, see what you think, , thank you.

  5. I get more regular the healthier I eat so if im a few days late i know ive been too naughty. I might have to put my faith back in metformin then! the dukan diet is heavily reliant on protein so mostly meat and fish but can be adapted for vegetarians too x

  6. I'm trying to lose weight for next July as I'm, bridesmaid for my friends wedding - lots of salads and soups are on my menu, I'm trying to cut down on things like tea, bread and pasta. I'm not a huge meat fan myself but I am having a tiny bit of lean stuff here and there.


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