Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty Gift Buying!

For many women, the search for a perfect (or near perfect) face revolves around a wide array of products. There are literally thousands of products out there, from face cream to lipsticks, that all aim (and claim) to help women to enhance their beauty and/or perfect their skin. It can often be hard enough to choose the perfect products for yourself, let alone buying them as gifts for your nearest and dearest!

Lots of products are used on a daily basis by many women around the world, yet it can take just one Holy Grail product to really transform and complete a look - be that a cream or foundation making remarkable changes to the skin so that it looks more flawless, or even that perfect lipstick that brings the best out of your skintone, and even the colour of your teeth.

Media sources are always looking for such products to recommend to you on a regular basis (especially in the run up to Christmas), you only need to look at some of this year’s most popular beauty products, as noted by

  • Self-tanning creams have recently become more popular in the world of beauty products, as tanned skin is seen to look more healthy and glowing (rather ironically). Glamour notes that the Jergens “Natural Glow” cream is one of their top picks of 2011 for self tanners, and can help you to get the depth and glow you desire. 

  • Mascara will always be an important beauty product as it really opens the eyes up and depending on which type you choose, can also lengthen or thicken lashes... which is why there are so many choices out there with regard to this type of product. This year, the Dior “Diorshow” mascara garnered recognition as a very effective tool for increasing both the length and volume of lashes. 

  • Blusher is another significant facial beauty product that has a great importance as it can help to sculpt and define your facial bone structure, and give your face an all important healthy flush of colour - you can even use it in a brighter colour to make more of a statement. Glamour notes NARS blushers as some of the best on the market. 

  • For fighting wrinkles, the “Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair” came in first on Glamour’s list as an effective wrinkle removal cream, and is said to work both effectively and quickly.

  • Along similar lines, cover-up, or concealing products are also quite popular these days among image-conscious women - who doesn't like to hide a multitude of sins?! In this category, Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals earned the most praise on Glamour as a very effective cover-up that blends in with your natural skin tone.

Of course, as already mentioned, there are literally thousands of beauty products available in stores all over the world at varying price points so whilst you may crave the more expensive, luxury products, your bank balance may weep at the mere suggestion! The good news is that there are many fantastic lower budget brands available these days, often meaning that you don't need to make that much of a compromise anymore!

Since Christmas is coming, it might be worth starting to explore these lower priced brands if your budget isn't that of the Beckhams - find out the hero products from the ranges available and then take a little time to think if that would suit the potential recipient or not. Doing this should set you off in the right direction to find the perfect gift, without the panic of a last minute shopping trip that can often end up with a gift that is either completely wrong for the person, or ends up costing more than you could afford/wanted to spend (we've all been there).

Hampers are a lovely idea too, you could mix beauty products with food and drink to create your own bespoke hamper, or if you don't have the time it could be worth checking out places like Marks & Spencer to see what they have in store for Christmas.

Whatever you end up doing, do try to remember that it's not meant to be a chore - if you do it right, it can be an enjoyable experience - honest! :-) x

Brought to you by Marks & Spencer!

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