Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eyeko Rebranding & Price Hike!

I've been considering this post for a while now as I was really quite shocked when I saw the Eyeko changes, but I've been holding back as I haven't tried their mascara (to see if it was worth the price rise and discontinuing pretty much the rest of their products for) but after seeing a post done by Fleur De Force, I decided that it couldn't hurt to pop this little post up!

I've got to be honest and say that I really think that Eyeko have shot themselves in the foot with this rebrand and price hike. My reasoning for this is because they already had a loyal fan base before who seemed to love their products, and their respective price points.

Now I expect they're now going to have to find a whole new fan base, as the people who were interested in Eyeko in their previous incarnation, surely wouldn't be willing to pay out £15 for the same mascara-ish (it appears it could be a revamped version of their Big Eyes mascara), with what only appears to be a different brush choice as the main difference?! Maybe these customers will find themselves an alternative brand that suits their budget for a mascara that performs just as well, or maybe they'll decide they will spend the extra... but on a brand like MAC or Benefit instead?!

I think I'd feel a bit put out paying that amount for an Eyeko mascara if I am honest - yet I have no problem spending £22+ on a Chanel/YSL or similar brand mascara - I can't be the only one, surely?!

Also, I am struggling to see them as a higher end brand, they've already made their name as a cheap and cute/kooky brand and I think a lot of people will always see them as that, however much they want to charge for their mascara and eyeliners.

Adding what is effectively a guitar plectrum and changing the packaging *slightly* does not make a brand high end to me, and such a huge price hike will be off putting to many of the customers that made Eyeko such a success, in my opinion!

Surely it would have been better if they had wanted to concentrate on the 'Eye in Eyeko', for them to do just that... without almost doubling their prices and quite possibly alienating a huge chunk of their customer base?!

What do you think girls?


  1. I wont be buying from them again. I loved their nail varnishes and I wanted to try their fat balms but I'm fine with Barry M for my eyeliners.

  2. I completely agree with you on this! I remember when I first looked at the new website and my first thought was "Oh :("

    I'm really disappointed with the price change and the disappearance of my favourite products. I purchased from Eyeko because you could get a good quality mascara for less than £10, but as you say now it's £15 - I'd rather spend the extra bit and get myself something from a high-end brand such as Chanel/YSL/Lancome etc.


  3. LOVE the mascara!! Have you guys even tried any of them?? I did also use their big eyes mascara before but these are even better, especially the curvy brush. Comparing eyeko mascara that is three times better than the Chanel mascara that is three times more expensive, doesn't seem very smart to me.


    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. :-) I didn't compare it to Chanel, if you read you'll see that I said that I have no problem in spending £22 on a mascara from Chanel, but would struggle to justify spending this much on an Eyeko product as I still think of them as the cheap and cheerful brand that they were, previously. I've tried a couple of the pencils, not the new mascara. I fully appreciate that it may be a great mascara, maybe I'll give it a go and see if I feel it's worth the price hike for the sake of the blog. x

  4. Billie/Sarah - I'm glad it's not just me who thinks this way. It may be a great mascara (I have seen both positive and negative reviews) but I can't think of Eyeko as a higher end brand after knowing what they were before. x

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