Thursday, October 27, 2011

Korres 'Vanilla, Freesia, Lychee' EDT - Flowerbomb Dupe!!

Korres are a Greek company that make gorgeous, natural products of all kinds, from skincare to cosmetics, and even perfume, there’s something for everybody in the range... I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in any of their products that I own!

Their Vanilla, Freesia and Lychee fragrance is a total triumph, I love it. It’s actually very strong in scent, even though it’s an Eau De Toilette not an Eau De Parfum and it lasts well on my skin too.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Tea
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Peach, Lychee, Freesia, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk

The notes that my nose picks up most on are the vanilla, musk and a fruity back-scent which I assume to be the lychee and peach. I get a slight hit of freesia, but not too heavy.

It all makes for a sweet (almost bubblegum-esque to my nose, but in a good way) and musky scent that works so well and actually reminds me very much of Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance, a fragrance that I own and absolutely LOVE. This makes sense, since they share many of the same notes - have a look for yourself at the Flowerbomb notes:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Tea
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Freesia, Orchid
Base Notes: Centiflora Rose, Patchouli

So this does appear to be a Flowerbomb dupe, and you might actually consider buying this if you’ve lusted after Flowerbomb but couldn’t stretch to/justify the price tag (since this is £24 for 50ml RRP versus £51 for the Viktor & Rolf 50ml EDT)... or even if you just prefer more natural ingredients in your beauty products (this is 88% natural) and a guarantee of no animal testing (I don’t know Viktor & Rolfs animal testing status, they may also be cruelty free) and no animal by-products!

What do you think my lovelies, do you like the sound of this? x


  1. I always have a spritz of the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb whenever I am in a department store but I have never purchased it because of the price. It's interesting that the Korres one could be a dupe at less than half the price, definitely worth doing a sniff comparison I think :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. ohh this seems like a great dupe!! i neeeeeed it :) flowerbomb is divine but so expensive! xx

  3. I think I need this fragrance in my life! Although nothing can take the place of Flowerbomb... lol

  4. Jude - it's totally worth trying it out, if you can give it a trial on your own skin first that would be even better. x

    Kerrymarie - I really do feel that this is a good option if you can't justify the V&R price. x

    Sami - True, but this is a great addition for those who fancy it for whatever reason. :-) x


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