Monday, November 7, 2011

Mixing It Up With Lipcote!

Lipcote is a product that has been around for over 50(!) years, yet is not really a product you hear much about in more recent times. I actually used Lipcote many of those years ago, I recall trying it when I was about 7 or 8 over one of my mum’s lipsticks, and can still remember how it tingled on my lips!

I’d say that the height of my use of Lipcote was probably in the 90’s though, worn over the top of my Rimmel Black Cherry, Heather & Coffee Shimmer lipsticks (these are the only 3 that I can still remember the names of, I have no idea why these are the ones that stuck in my memory) where it was a staple part of my beauty routine. I stopped using it when my love of lipsticks waned and my love of gloss began, since it’s not intended for use with gloss.

Recently, my love of lipstick picked up again in a big way, and you’d think that I’d naturally have started using Lipcote again, wouldn’t you?! Well I hadn’t, and not because I hadn‘t been happy with its performance in the past, but just because I had completely forgotten about it even existing - well, it had been about 10 years since I’d really bothered with lipstick, and I am getting on now, at the grand old age of 30 – my memory isn’t what it used to be, ha!
Lipcote biscuit.

Anyway, I recently received some Lipcote in the post and it reminded me all over again why I used to wear it so much – it really does help your lipstick last longer. This is especially useful with cheaper lipsticks that don’t claim to be long lasting, but sometimes just have fun colours that you love regardless.

Don’t get me wrong, your lipstick will still eventually fade but at a much, much slower rate – and there’ll be no feathering either, which is always welcome on this girl’s mouth. Lipcote doesn’t change the look of your lipstick, in fact once the tingling has passed, you wouldn’t even know you were wearing it!
Along with my Lipcote I was sent a mixing palette for me to play around with some of my lipsticks to see what colours I could come up with. This is something I’ve always thought about doing, I know that make-up artists play around in this way a lot with products in their kit, but I just never got around to it. I took this opportunity to mix 4 different lip colours using a few of my own lip products – including a couple that were pretty un-wearable, colour wise for me and had been sitting around unloved.

I made a peach shade, a rose-pink shade, a ‘my lips but better’ pinky shade, and mixing the 2 unloved shades together a pink-y nude-y shade too. I’m sure I’m going to have even better results, once I’ve experimented even more.

Have you used Lipcote before?

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