Friday, January 21, 2011

Decleor QVC Beauty Today's Special Value - Product Information!

To follow up on my QVC TSV post, now I’ve had some more information I can now tell you some of the products available in the TSV; they will be:

100ml Hydra Radiance Smoothing Cleansing Mousse
150 Prolagene Gel
15ml Excellence Sublime Regenerating Cream

Plus 2 other gorgeous Decleor products, to be announced at midnight on Sunday (or you may see it as Saturday night, still – like I do haha), so you’ll have to tune in to find out – although I have a sneaking suspicion that there may be a small Excellence Night Cream in there somewhere as on the original mail shot that I received from QVC mentioned that it was a new addition to the range – and what better way to show it to people? I could be wrong though, so please don’t shoot me if I am! :-)

You’ll also have to tune in to find out the price, but I can tell you that the normal price is £54, so it will be less than that, but by how much? Ooooh!

Decleor/TSV shows are scheduled throughout the day on Sunday at 12am, 4am, 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm so there’s plenty of chances to watch – just don’t let it sell out before you buy one if you really want to purchase.

Here's a little bit of information about the products that we know are included:

Prolagene Gel
“A complete body treatment to smooth skin imperfections, both natural and accidental. It supplies the deep tissue with the active ingredients necessary for the reconstruction of its natural collagen.

This exclusive DECLÉOR formula:

helps revitalize the support structure of the skin,
helps accelerate the skin’s renewal process,
helps diminish unsightly marks.

Applied on the affected parts of the body, this gel leaves a supportive and protective film on the skin. Day after day, your skin renews itself with increased tone and firmness.”

Decleor Hydra Radiance Smoothing Cleansing Mousse

“Hydra Radiance Smoothing Cleansing Mousse (100ml) from Decleor. The three-in-one cleanser is enriched with oat milk to deeply cleanse, plus papaya extract and Japanese white mulberry to gently buff away dead skin cells, leaving your complexion silky smooth with a luminous glow.

Contains hylauronic acid, a potent protein, which will help tackles the signs of ageing”

Excellence de L’Âge Sublime Regenerating Cream

“The ultimate solution to combat all signs of advanced ageing for a firmer, more comfortable and younger looking skin. This global anti-ageing skin care – a potent, luxuriously rich anti-ageing daily moisturiser – combines an innovative Phyto-Age Complex with a unique cocktail of 4 Essential Oils to act directly on wrinkles, loss of firmness and pigmentation irregularities.

Day after day, the skin is softer, more supple, ‘plumped-up’ and luminous.”

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