Tuesday, January 11, 2011

News of the World Models Own Set - Swatches!

As you may have read last week on here, News of the World’s Fabulous Magazine have joined forced with Models Own to give away free Models Own eye kits (read HERE to find out how) worth £24. I was very kindly sent a PR sample so that I could have a play around and tell you more about it before it hit the shelves.

My Thoughts:

The tools are better than I had anticipated, and I even temporarily got over my inherent fear of using this kind of eyelash curler to test it for you, and I have to say it's not bad at all – I would definitely consider using these regularly (if I can properly get over the fear of trapping my eye in them haha).

I love the colour of the tweezers, and they’re pretty decent too; they feel a bit thicker than my tweezerman tweezers but are still very useable and do the job just fine.

Below I have swatched both the shadows and also the liner - apologies that they're perhaps not the best swatches, but I am dosed up on painkillers and struggling to get a post up today.


No flash (daylamp):

The shadows are lovely colours, they do feel quite powdery but I think with a little blending this really wouldn’t be a problem and they are very easy to blend because of their texture. I’m actually very impressed. The pigment isn't too bad really, I do feel that you need to build the colour up a bit more than I'm used to but actually that probably gives you a bit more freedom to do a lighter eye look with them.

No Flash:

With flash (purple arrow pointing to where I've used it as a light highlighter):

They do have a shimmer to them too, but it’s not over the top and I do feel these could be used for daytime looks as well as evening without looking ridiculously overdone. The gold would also be quite good, in my opinion as a highlighter if used quite sparingly as it has a nice sheen to it and I do like products that can multifunction – especially if going away over night!

L: Flash, R: No Flash (day lamp)

I am especially impressed with the eyeliner, I like that it has a firm applicator as I feel more in control when applying the liner. I have also found that the liner had fantastic staying power, much better than I had anticipated. It has a great deep black pigment which I love, but it is a bit shiny – this doesn’t bother me at all, but I thought it worth a mention for the sake of anybody who it would bother.

The swatches below show a thinner line and thicker section, just to show the application - it's not my best application I'm afraid, sorry.

Top: No Flash, Bottom: Flash

All in all I still think this is a great offer and that the products included within the set are worth owning and do present great value for money, especially as they basically only cost the price of 2 Sunday newspapers (or completely free/a bonus if somebody you know buys it, or if you buy this paper usually).

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