Monday, January 31, 2011

Sponsored Post: Kissable Lips With Nivea Hydro Care!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought that now would be a perfect time to talk about kissing; or more importantly men I would LIKE to kiss (if I was single, or Mr Beauty Scoop would let me... and of course if the men listed actually agreed to it)!

I’d like to point out straight away that as soon as I try to think of men that make me go ‘PHWOAAAR’, my brain goes blank... it literally fails to function; so this isn’t a full and comprehensive list of all the men I’d like to kiss (hussy I am), merely the ones I could remember – and rather shamefully most of these were remembered only by going through my Sky TV planner!

So ladies (and gentlemen?) let’s get going... oh and warning, there may be some gratuitous male nudity in this post!

A new entry on my ‘radar’ (so to speak) is Jessie Pavelka, I ‘discovered’ him only a few weeks ago when I started watching a programme called Diet Tribe, in which he’s the personal trainer. He’s a bit bulkier and has more tattoos than the kind of man I’d usually fancy, but he has gorgeous eyes and a lurrrvely smile, so I can easily get over the other stuff... he can train me, anyday *ahem*! This photo doesn’t do him as much justice as he deserves, he’s 100% better when animated – well who isn’t!

Next up we have Matt Lanter, he plays the gorgeous Liam Hunt in 90210... he’s very American and quite clean cut but again, I’m drawn to his eyes and mouth. Just look at them - lush!

Ian Somerhalder is up next; he plays the brooding vampire, Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries and is a complete delight to look at. Again I love love lurrve his eyes and lips (quelle surprise) – but who wouldn’t?! Bite me!

I love Glee, and I also think that Finn (Cory Monteith) is rather delightful so yes, I think know I’d quite like to kiss him... I do also think that Puck (Mark Sailing) is rather tasty; but I’m not one to be greedy so I’ll stick with just the one Glee cast member for this exercise. I’ve included 2 pictures here; purely because on the second one I was rather perplexed about the length of his index finger... surely that’s been photoshopped?!

Next is Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey... hubba hubba, wish my doctor looked like that - or maybe not, depending on what ailment I was having him check out haha!

Adam Garcia is definitely on my list, he’s one of the reasons I love watching Got to Dance so much; he’s got gorgeous eyes and a cute little bum dimple on his chin... lovely. Also, just look at that body, damn that towel being there!!

Olly Murs is such a cheeky chappy, and very easy on the eye – how could I resist? ;-)

Last (but definitely by no means least) is Jason Merrells who is currently playing Declan in Emmerdale. He’s a bit of alright, don’t you think?!

So anyway... in order to get my lips ready for all this kissing, I’m going to need to make sure my lips are soft, smooth and ready for action; and to achieve this I will use my Nivea Hydro Care Lip Salve (RRP £1.75).

The balm moisturises and hydrates lips which you’d expect with a balm, but it also locks in moisture (rather than locking it out) which keeps lips hydrated for much longer as water is prevented from evaporating out of them, which is what can leave them dry and chapped.


  1. I love how long your list is! There's some serious eye candy there > good work!

  2. Haha thanks lovely, although my list could have been so much longer.. I may do a part 2 sometime! :-) x


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