Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Self Indulgent Beauty Resolution Post!

This year I have decided on just a few beauty resolutions that I hope to achieve; just little things really that I think I could realistically achieve that would all enhance my beauty products, routines and results in general.

My first resolution would be to find and buy better make up storage so that I can actually SEE my makeup which might mean that I get more chance to use a wider variety of it as I’d see more of it more often, rather than it being forgotten about in different parts of my enclosed makeup storage.

This kind of leads me to my next resolution that is to start using up more of my makeup, I have so much of it and I’m always excited when I get new things that I sometimes forget about the ‘older’ but still brilliant makeup that I have. I’m going to make an effort to use both old and new makeup equally so that I don’t waste anything, or at least as much!

I would also really like to find a great fake tan and use it more. I’ve avoided using fake tan as much as I’d like to really for fear of looking orange, streaky, orange and streaky/patchy or worse and being stuck that way until it fades. I’ve also got dry skin due to having psoriasis and this has made me wary of using a fake tan also. My problem is that I’m paler than I’d like to be, and I always feel more confident when I’ve got a little tan from being on holiday, but I don’t want to muck my skin or health up by having a real tan all year round so I know I need to get to grips with using fake tan if I am ever to solve this eternal dilemma of mine!

I’m also going to continue to lose weight, I’ve lost 2 and a half stones so far after starting to take my tablets for PCOS so I aim to lose a little more, and also to tone up. This means that my exercise equipment (mostly my kettlebells, cross trainer and hula hoop) will all be getting more usage.

Finally I am going to perfect my technique for having curly hair when I fancy it. I currently own a curling wand, heated rollers and GHDs (which I can kind of use to curl my hair but not brilliantly, and not reliably either), so I am going to find a way to do me some curls that look good and actually stay in. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to do this, other than practicing but I will find a way – in fact, any hints and tips you may have for any of the tools I have (or suggestions for any different tools) are very, very welcome!

Do you have any resolutions, if so what are they?

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