Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Christmas & New Year Beauty Best Bits!

So this is my first makeup-y post for a while as I’ve been so busy over the Christmas and New Year period that I decided it best to have a break rather than to rush out posts sporadically. Over the festive period I have been wearing and loving many products so I’m just going to do a quick round up of just a few of the products and/or brands that have made my Christmas time even better!

Blingtones eye shadows – These have been fantastic to use, they’re not as heavily pigmented as some shadows I have used, but they are very easy to build up a great colour and the fine, but plentiful glitter element was perfect for my New Years Eve! The shadows I used lasted well, and I got some great comments on the glittery blingy-ness of them – The Bling-tones name is perfect for the collection in my opinion and I will be swatching very soon!
ELF Brushes – I was sent the Limited Edition Sparkle 11 Piece Studio brush set to try out before Christmas, but it didn’t make it here quite in time for the gift guide due to the snow but I did get to try the brushes quite a lot over Christmas and New Year and I was actually very impressed. The brushes felt, and looked a lot more expensive than their £38.50 price tag.

I did notice a little bit of shedding when using the brushes – more so for the larger ones, but really it was a negligible amount for the amount of use. I think my favourite and most used brushes were the eye shadow ‘C’ Brush, powder brush and the small precision brush. You may be able to get this brush set even cheaper if ELF do one of their discount codes before they disappear off the site – although it’ll be a shame when they do go as I feel they’d be a great permanent addition to the ELF brand.

Alpha H – After hearing loads about how amazing Alpha H products are, I just had to try them... but it took me a little while to do so. However now I have started using a few of their products I can really appreciate just how amazing they are; even after just one use I found my skin felt so much better and my makeup, I feel looked the best it has done in a long time too! I’ll be doing more in depth reviews on the products in the coming weeks, but their product’s have honestly been a revelation to me over Christmas.

OPI 'The Show Must Go On' – When I got this polish I liked it, but there were other polishes in the Burlesque collection that I liked more when I swatched them. However over Christmas I decided to wear it as my Christmas day polish and I was totally blown away by it as I’d never really spent the time properly looking how pretty it actually is.

It’s really very bling-y, kind of foil-esque but also looks like there could be very fine glitter particles in it and as the light catches it at different angles you can see the multi-faceted tones within it too. I have actually found myself sitting and just gazing at my nails with it on, but none of the pictures that I have taken have shown it to be anywhere near as stunning as it is. I do feel it’s a very Christmassy looking polish but I don’t doubt that this will also get worn throughout the year too.

What products/brands have been rocking your worlds recently?


  1. Great post hun, I've been loving ELF so much lately. I use the Pink Lemonade all over color stik as a blush almost every day! Have heard a lot about the brushes on other blogs too, deffo will look in to those! :)

    Aysh xoxo


  2. Glad you like it hun, I'm really very pleasantly surprised with the quality! xx


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