Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Latest Hair Colour!

I thought I’d just do a quick post with my new hair colour – since I had it done again on Thursday (27th January) and had a bit more of the plum-y, purple-y red put in it (different tones in solid crescent blocks, if that makes sense, or even if it matters) – which I really like.

Style wise, well I don’t think you can really see the style of it in my photo’s but it’s kind of a disconnected graduated bob with a few more layers in to try and make it look thicker; it’s a little shorter than I expected but I do like it overall, and will even more so when it grows maybe another inch.

 I quite like how vibrant the colour looks in the photo below.

What do you think of it? x


  1. That is a gorgeous colour, that is how I want mine to come out when I have it topped up on Tuesday. Do you know what dye it was?

  2. Thanks lovely, yes it's wella colour touch (although some of it is partly over lightly bleached highlights and the rest had a bleach/cleansing wash @ Wella) and the shade was 55/65 and then they said they used that as a base for the other tones going through it - which I don't know (possibly 66/45? Rings a bell anyway).

    I do think that if you mentioned wella colour touch 55/65 as the main kind of colour that you'd like then you'd be off to a good start!

    That link shows the 55/65 and also a few other shades in the range.

    This link shows more about colour touch (think it's aimed at salons etc but it's interesting to look at all the same).

    If you need me to, I can ring up and see if they can remember the shades used on the rest? x


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