Sunday, January 30, 2011

NARS Spring 2011 Collection - Some Swatches!

I’ve been playing with some of the NARS spring 2011 products today (actually that will be yesterday by the time this is posted), and have been really enjoying doing so. The products I’ve got, and swatched for you are:

Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils:

L-R Happy Days and Baroque (flash, then no flash):

These are absolutely fabulous, I love the fact that they’re so glossy yet not at all sticky and they have great staying power. It’s so weird knowing you’re going to be sharpening your lip GLOSS... although you’ll need a chunky pencil sharpener for them – very novel.

It is a bit of a shame in that I would hate to wreck the pencil when sharpening, I do prefer it when you can just twist the pencil out rather than having to sharpen it – what do you guys prefer? Does it even matter to you? Am I weird? Don’t answer that last one (unless it’s to say ‘no’ of course... ha)!

There are more shades in this range (I think 6 of them), but unfortunately I don’t have any more pictures of these - they are released on February 1st though so you don't have too long to wait to see them all.

Angelika Lip Gloss (no flash, then flash):

I adore this gloss, both the colour and the texture. The colour is a very girly pink, a bit like candy floss really... and what I really like is that although it does have great pigmentation, you can still get the colour quite sheer on your lips if you want to! The texture is one of the best I’ve used in any lip gloss as it’s very silky and smooth and seems to have great staying power.

The photo below shows it close up on my lips.

Other colours included in the collection are Nana and Super Orgasm (shown respectively below with Angelika), both of which look equally as lovely but unfortunately I don’t have them to swatch, at least not at the moment. Maybe Mr Beauty Scoop will buy me them for my birthday next month (*hint hint* if you’re reading this, Mr BS)!

Finally I have Nouveau Monde Duo Eyeshadow:


This is possibly the most beautiful eyeshadow duo, consisting of a metallic silver lilac and a stunning olive-gold shadow; two colours that you quite possibly would never have put together normally, but actually two colours that make a surprisingly good combination. These are perfectly pigmented, blend with ease and wear very well too – I really love these!

Also available in the collection is Bateau Ivre (below, left); a rich sky blue paired perfectly with a denim blue. Again I don’t have this to swatch but it does look lovely all the same... loving the denim blue in the picture.

Other products of note (in my opinion) in the spring 2011 collection are:

Desperado Nail Polish, described as an antique brass-hued polish – looks gorgeous, can’t wait to get my hands on this one to show you!

Hollywoodland (pale gold) and Celebrate (parrot green) Soft Touch Shadow Pencils – I love the look of these, the colours are right up my street and again, I’m hoping to find these in my birthday box from Mr Beauty Scoop next month!

Edit to add Happy Days Gloss Pencil on my lips as requested; it's a close up - hope it's ok! Also the pencil is quite sheer, but I could notice it on my lips. The second picture shows a close up of my lips with just lip balm on the left and Happy Days on the right. x

Flash (Just Happy Days):

No Flash (Showing difference between natural lip and product):

Disclosure: PR Sample


  1. Question. Do the NARS makeup all smell chemical? I have a pro wear concealor from them and it really smells appalling. Its my only NARS item so I wondered.

  2. I haven't noticed a smell to be honest, they seem pretty scentless - I actually meant to put that in my review bits of the lip products.

    I haven't got any of their face products so far, so couldn't comment on that - I could look into it for you though?! x

  3. I would appreciate that, Ive only got the concealor so far, everyone says its good stuff... maybe I just got an iffy one?

  4. Could you post a pic of Happy Days on your lips, I am wondering if it is too sheer, a tad more orange or a true coral. It is so expensive and I can only order it online

  5. Miss Sultry Red - Not a problem, I am investigating further for you. x

    Anon - Yep, I can do that - I'll get it up asap! x

  6. Hi, I've edited the post and popped the pics at the end, hope they're ok for you. x

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