Friday, February 17, 2012

The Hunt For The Perfect Nude Lipstick!

Ever since my love for lipstick came back in a big way just before I started this blog, I've favoured the brighter shades - pinks, reds, corals and more. I couldn't get enough of them, and I've loved every minute.

However, I have been completely avoiding nude shades as I've loved the bright, bold shades so much that nudes never really called to me when browsing for lipstick... that, and also because I've never found one that doesn't make me look dead.
These look quite nice?!

I don't know if is my inexperience in the nude department (oo-err), or if it's simply that I just don't suit them and am destined never to wear one whilst still looking like I'm in the land of the living.

So, I have decided that it is now my life's quest to find my perfect nude shade and this is where you come in, I'd love for you to suggest your favourite nude shades to me so that I can check them out.

I'm thinking that I might need something with a pink or peach undertone, rather than out and out beige as I'm pretty sure that pure beige would give me that dreaded look of death. I don't care which brand make the lippy, although it needs to have some staying power as I hate to have to reapply every 5 minutes whilst I should be having fun.

What do you think my dears? x

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  1. I have never found a nude lipstick that suits me, I have quite red lips but even with concealer on them a nude lipstick just doesn't look right on me. I've also found that the nude lipsticks I've tried are very unflattering unless you have very white teeth! It will be interesting to see which nudes other bloggers recommend. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. mac shy girl!! its a nude colour but has peachy undertones so doesnt give u concealer lips!!

  3. I'm hunting for a nude shade as well but im always put off when i see people who just look like they have put foundation on their lips :/ Hope u find one in the end !!!!

    Beautiful Dreams

  4. Jude - I agree, I think the brown tones within any beige/nude lipstick can make teeth look a bit manky if not perfectly white. I'm not sure if I just love the idea of a nude lip rather than ever finding anything that I can actually wear well lol. xx

    Anon - Thanks for that, I'll look it up now. I think MAC may come out on top for nudes as they have such a wide variety to start with. Concealer lips are not what I want, so I appreciate that. xx

    Carys - Same here, on some people those tones look ok but for most, well it's not very flattering really. Will keep you posted if I find any good ones. xx


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