Friday, February 24, 2012

Illamasqua Bronzing Duo!

A little bit of sun yesterday got me thinking about the warmer months that we hopefully have ahead of us, so I thought it only right that I should show you this Bronzing Duo from Illamasqua that I've had ever since the Liverpool store launch last year.

The duo comprises of a lighter and darker bronzing shade, that are SO soft, buttery soft and so silky on the skin, I think this is partly because the shimmer is very fine, it's not at all gritty or glittery which is a bit more complementary to the skin, and stops you looking like you've been sprinkled with fairy dust (or doing art with a 5 year old)! I find my skin looks radiant when I use this set, I use it sparingly as it is VERY pigmented, so a light hand is recommended.
Top, flash. Bottom, No flash.
The swatches do make it look slightly orange, more so than it does in real life and whilst I wouldn't use this as an all over bronzer, it's perfectly lovely to highlight and contour (to some degree, bare in mind that it isn't matte)! I really like this, it's a perfectly lovely set that I think most people could make use of - even using them as blusher.
Top, flash. Bottom, No flash.
Illamasqua's tagline 'Make-up for your alter ego', and the fact that their make-up artistry (courtesy of the fabulous, and utterly lovely, Alex Box) and subsequent collection images are always quite out there, could make some people think that all their make-up is completely unwearable for people who weren't into such looks, but they'd be wrong.

They actually have a great deal of products, in various colours that can be used as subtly or as wildly as you desire. I love that most of their products are multi-use, generally very pigmented and also long lasting whilst also being very reasonably priced. If you haven't tried any of their products before, or have been wary about their colours/products, and live near to one of their stores, or concession stands then I really urge you to pop there and have a look for yourself.
Top, flash. Bottom, No flash (but it was near a light).
The Bronzing Duo is £20.50, and is available online from I can't wait for summer to come so that I can get even more use out of it.

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