Monday, February 20, 2012

Korres Raspberry Liquid Lipstick - Shade 13, Soft Pink - Swatched!

This liquid lipstick is a gorgeous muted pink, with a slightly coral undertone - although I thought, judging by the sticker at the end of the box, that it would be more of a baby pink. I'm glad it's not though as I adore the colour and also that it can be built up to be a slightly stronger shade.

It's a perfect hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss as it has more staying power than your average lipgloss, whilst keeping the fantastic shine that you come to expect from a gloss. It's also not sticky like a gloss, in fact it has a beautiful, silky feel to it that I like very much. I also feel that it is fairly moisturising on my lips compared to a gloss.

I love that there is a small amount of sparkle running through the liquid lipstick, but I love even more that I can't feel any gritty texture on my lips because of it. I can't stand feeling like I have bits of crap on my lips when wearing lip products with a chunkier shimmer running through it.

I get about 2-3 hours wear with it, without excessive eating/drinking which I think is quite good, considering the gloss finish, and the fact that it isn't a bright or dark shade that usually last a little longer, due to the nature of their more pigmented hues.

Available from various outlets such as Zuneta and Bath & Unwind for around £15.

Have you tried a liquid lipstick before?

No flash, dull day.

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