Sunday, February 12, 2012

Celeb Sunday - Fearne Cotton!

I've had a bit of a girl crush on Fearne Cotton for quite some time now, basically ever since she chopped her hair off. Her hair as it was previously, was nice but nothing special, but now she's rocking her hair so hard, with every style she chooses. I feel like she's found her style and is sticking with it (or should do), she knows what works for her and she is bang on the money with it, every time. I have hair envy, big time.

The photograph above shows her with a sleek, low ponytail - it's simple but it works so well, and has gone for a classic black liner and red lip make-up look that complements it perfectly. Her skin looks totally flawless too, so jealous about that one!! Chic, non?!

Here's a few more pics of Fearne looking amazing (whether she's completely made up, or more natural). Just because.

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  1. Hilarious girl crush - but I agree, she appears to have found her look!

  2. i thought this when she was on million pound drop that she looked really nice! am also enjoying a bit of fearne lately xo

  3. Iv been in love with fearne cottons hair and style even more lately too :) she looks amazing !!!

    Beautiful Dreams

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