Friday, February 3, 2012

Laura Mercier, Flawless Skin Face Polish!

My skin needs exfoliating very regularly, and I'm always on the look out for the next best exfoliator as my skin tends to get bored of using the same thing, all the time. So, when I got the chance to try out Laura Mercier's Flawless Skin Face Polish, I jumped at the chance.

I've now has the chance to give it a whirl, and let me tell you, I am very impressed indceed. They're not lying when they say it polishes your skin to leave it 'smooth and even toned' as my skin was glowing after I used it - I couldn't stop touching it, it was that smooth.

Using the polish is very simple, just massage into dampened skin (gently) and then rinse off with warm water - totally straight forward, and nothing out of the ordinary there.

The consistency of the polish is quite gritty, but not overly so - it's not harsh to use on your skin at all, but you can still feel it working as you move it over your skin. I quite like that if I am honest, it's nice to change it up between smooth (enzyme based) and gritty exfoliators, so your skin gets the benefit of using both.

Just look at the following photographs, showing my before, during and after from using it just on the back of my hand. I really think that you can quite clearly see the difference in my skin and how smooth it is (less 'patterned' so to speak), and even now, one day later my left hand looks smoother than my right (which I didn't use it on). This is fabulous stuff and I will definitely be purchasing it again when this one runs out.

This usually retails around £24.50 online which isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination but I would happily pay that...however, it's coming up soon on Buyapowa very soon, possibly next week sometime, so you can expect it to be much cheaper when it does appear! You can register via the link to be emailed when the sale goes live, a very useful tool that I use regularly.

If you haven't heard of Buyapowa, then where have you been? To explain it very quickly, it's a group buying website, where the price lowers as more people buy the product. For instance, if a product has a retail price of £36.50, but Buyapowa may have a best price of £25 say if 40 people bought it, but it declines in price until then. So, if 20 people buy it, they may get it for £32, and if 30 people buy it then the price may drop to £27 - if that makes sense?

Basically, when you agree to purchase something, you'll get it at the best price that it reaches. A lot of the time it sells out (they have limited stock qualtities) and everybody gets the product for the 'best/lowest price' - sounds good, doesn't it? Well it is, I am quite literally addicted to it - I'm pretty sure that my bank balance cries every time I log on. :-)

Will you be keeping an eye out for this one?

Buyapowa kindly sent this for me to try out, my views are unchanged by this.

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