Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saving Money - Spend Vouchers, Get Rewards!

We all want to save money where we can, don't we? Especially when the only direction that the cost of living is going, is up! I've been finding little ways of saving money where I can, and even making a small amout here and there, as I detailed in my cashback sites & discount codes post, I really do believe that every little helps - and as we know, this is the (famous) Tesco motto too.

I do most of my shopping at Tesco as it's the closest supermarket to me, and to be honest I quite like the fact that whilst I shop, I also earn points through my clubcard. Clubcard points can mount up quite nicely I find, especially when you find extra points offers on products that you're buying, and I am usually quite pleasantly surprised to see how much I have accumulated when my statement and vouchers come in.

Many of you may just spend your clubcard vouchers at face value in store, which is great for saving a bit of money on your everyday shopping, but there are ways to get even more out of your well earned points. Clubcard have a Rewards scheme that gives you even more back for your vouchers, up to 4 times more to be precise, depending on which retailer/offer you choose. This scheme has been going for a long time, and has changed slightly in that time, but is well worth taking a look as there's plenty of choice to be found.

They've got everything from driving lessons to jewellery, and even have a section on Health & Beauty where you can exchange your Clubcard coupons for vouchers to use at sites such as BeautyExpert.co.uk and Mankind.co.uk, or use at sk:n clinics (laser hair removal and more), LA Fitness (gym membership) and many others.
Another fantastic use for your vouchers is the restaurants section where you can exchange your vouchers for 4 times what they'e worth (for most of the restaurants in the scheme) and use them towards eating out. They have a large selection of restaurants covering many different cuisines and they prove very useful indeed if you're a fan of eating out (although you do have to pay for drinks, as the vouchers only cover the food part of your bill).

What I've bought using Clubcard Rewards:

I tend to save my clubcard points up (you can keep them for 2 years before they expire), to buy more expensive items with via the deals system so I've only really made 2 big purchases so far (other than a couple of smaller voucher redeems for restaurant tokens), although I am ready to trade more in again, once I decide what I want.

About 6 years ago, Mr Beauty Scoop and I used a large amount of Clubcard vouchers that I had been saving up to buy items from (the now defunct) MFI for our new house, we had £190 of Clubcard vouchers that turned into £760 in deals to spend at MFI which we used to buy a sofabed and a memory foam mattress - both items were in the sale so we got an even better bargain.

I also used Clubcard deals vouchers to buy my WEDDING RING!! Yep, I really did - I had £145 in Clubcard vouchers which translated into £580 to spend in Goldsmiths, so I chose a diamond wedding ring that is so beautiful, and I can't wait to wear it. This has saved us a huge chunk of wedding budget and I have no problems with how I came to own my ring, in fact I am quite proud of it. If you want to see the ring, please visit my previous post about it, here!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to easily make more from your Clubcard points, will you be taking up any of the offers available? Have you ever used Clubcard deals before, and if so, what did you buy (I'm nosey)? x

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