Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jonathan Ward London - Some News!

Now, you may already know how much I love Jonathan Ward candles, as I've posted about them a couple of times on here, so you'll also understand my excitement at the following pieces of news!

Firstly, Jonathan has introduced a new reed diffuser range that is available in NINE of his most popular fragrances which I am so SO excited about as it's not always convenient to light a candle, for instance, if you're not going to be home for long enough.

However, a reed diffuser can be safely left out to fragrance the room all the time, allowing you to enjoy beautiful JW scents such as Josephine's Rose, Mombasa, Kiss in Rio, Lost in El Salvador, Nightingale's Jasmine, Dance in Summer Rain, Velvet Moss Rose, Santissima Amalfi, Kartushya and Gypsy, any time you like.

First to launch will be Nightingale's Jasmine, priced at £32 for 250mls of alcohol free oil, which should last 2-3 months, and so is actually fantastic value for money, when you consider it would only cost about £2.60 per week.
Now on to the next bit of news, which is great for those of you who may have had difficulties in getting hold of JW candles because you couldn't smell them first hand, because now you'll be able to, since Jonathan Ward products are going to be stocked in leading House of Fraser stores from March 2012. They will also be available on the House of Fraser website too. The stores stocking JW products are:

London City
London Oxford Street
High Wycombe
London Victoria
Loch Lomond Shores

I absolutely love that more people will be able to see, and get hold of these exquisite candles and hope that this newly formed relationship continues for a long time to come.

You can still buy from the Jonathan Ward website, if you know which fragrance you'd like to buy - and if you've never purchased before, and would like to then please email me with your name and email address as I can now refer you, so you get a bit of a discount, which might make that candle smell even sweeter. ;-)

Now I'm off to bed as its 3am and I need my beauty sleep. xx

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  1. Am really excited too. Love JW's stuff - always executed with integrity.

    1. Hi, Trying to contact/locate Jonathan Ward who you featured 3 years ago as paid in advance for order directly and since payment negotiated and paid to his account, Jonathan appears to have vanished off the face of the earth. His web site is down and not now answering his mobile, any idea what has happened to him?

  2. That's a big part of it for me, I trust what goes into the candles, and I like his ethos too. Can't wait to see these reed diffusers. xx

  3. I would like to buy Dance in Summer rain Diffuer. Would that be possible? how muxh is it per bottle?

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