Friday, February 10, 2012

Miners 'The Cheek of it' Face Sticks!

These new Face Sticks from Miners are a snip at just £3.99 each, and they actually perform surprisingly well. Because they're in stick form, they're easy to handle when using, although I still find it a bit more precise to use my fingers to apply and then blend, since you'd need to use them to blend it out after using the stick anyway.
There are 3 sticks in the range, a pink blush stick, a bronze stick and a highlighter stick - so that's the basics covered. It would be nice to see more shades in the range; especially blush shades, since pink tones don't suit all skintones - especially if you already have pink-toned skin. I'm hoping that they will add on more to the range in the near future. I love the highlighter stick, it's got a golden sheen to it that will look amazing with a tan - can't wait to use this one when (if?) summer comes.
Highlighter - Not Blended!
Highlighter - Blended.
When you first apply them using the stick, they look pretty scary - as you can see in my pre-blended photographs, especially the bronzer (I apologise, they're not up to my usual standards as I've had a hell of a week, consisting of vet visits with Chloe, a broken boiler (&the tidy up that followed) and my mums birthday, which means I've had to rush these pictures through just to get this post up) but once you blend them out, they're much more subtle.
Top Blusher, Bottom Bronzer  - Unblended!
Top Blusher, Bottom Bronzer - Blended!
I like the finish of the sticks on the skin, because they're of a cream consistency they don't look cakey which is great for all skin types, especially dry skin as they're not prone to being cakey - although you should be aware not to use them over powder products as the overall effect may not be so great (you can use a powder to set them after, though). Pigmentation wise, they're fine, not overly pigmented and certainly not compared to the likes of Illamasqua/NARS etc (the swatches show a good few 'swipes'), but they seem to last fairly well on the skin, especially the pink blush stick. 

Unfortunately for me, they smell of rose, or at least they do to my nose - I can handle it though as they're not being used right near my nose, and the scent isn't overpowering so this isn't a deal breaker.

Quite a bargain, I'd say and my favourite out of the bunch is the highlighting stick!

Available from the Miners website!

PR Samples - My views are unchanged by this.

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  1. Really want to try these :)
    They look lovely !!!

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. The highlighter looks lovely and easy to use. Not bad for £3.99 although the bronzer and blusher look at bit bright for me!

  3. hi! i got the bronzer stick in my glossybox this month an i really like it. i also like the smell so for me it is a lucky find ;)
    you have got a very nice blog, i like your way of writing with a nice sense of humor :)

    greetings from germany!


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