Monday, February 6, 2012

Amazing Victoria Beckham Shots For i-D Mag!

I can't quite get over how amazing Victoria Beckham looks in these images, shot for i-D mag... not because she usually looks like a bag of tripe (as we all know that this is far from the truth), but because she's not long since had a baby - yet you'd never think that to look at these. She looks a bit more of a healthier size too, I mean she is still super slim, but not worryingly so.

Her hair, make-up and body are absolutely perfect in my opinion, she's totally rocking the look - and the front cover image, well, it's not how you's usually see her posing, and I LOVE it even more for that reason. She has a cheekiness about her in it that just works so well, I'd love to see her working that kind of look more often.

I love these images so much, and thought you might like to see them too. More images will obviously be available in the magazine when it's released (this week, I believe) and I, for one can't wait to see them.

What do you think?

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  1. she does look amazing!! so thin though!

  2. I saw these snaps in the press, and I was like WOW - she looks absolutely amazing.

  3. i'm not a vb fan but i have to be honest, these photos are amazing!


  4. I love the pic of her in the white...I do love VB :-)


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