Monday, April 11, 2011

St Tropez Spray Tan - My First Ever Spray Tan!

After purchasing deals for The Beauty Lounge (at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport) from Wahanda, my sister and I went and had our first ever (St Tropez) spray tans on Friday! I was a bit nervous about baring all, and hoping that I wouldn’t turn orange but I am really, really pleased that I went and also with the results too – I just wish that I was this colour naturally as I don’t think I could maintain it all year round!

My appointment went well, I found the staff friendly and considering I was stood in nothing more than a pair of paper knickers, I felt fairly at ease. I would say that I was a little bit shocked that the door to the spray tan room opened straight onto the gym, which meant that anybody near the door when the therapist was coming in or out of the room could cop an eyeful of my wobbly bits (and more)!!

I think the tan has turned out quite natural and not at all scary, what do you think?

Before (just a picture from a previous post):

 After (although the flash makes my skin look a bit lighter than it actually is):

I notice that St Tropez say that their tanning products now contain Aromaguard, a fragrance technology that they say will ‘eliminate the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%’ – now I don’t know how they measure this 70% but I would say that my tan still had quite a strong, distinctive scent to it – more so before I washed the guide colour off; it wasn’t completely off putting but Mr Beauty Scoop definitely didn’t like it.

I would definitely have a spray tan again (depending on how this one lasts but so far, so good), maybe just for special occasions though - or maybe if I see more deals on Wahanda/Groupon to take advantage of!


  1. I'm having a blog giveaway!


  2. I am as pale as you (as far as I can tell from your hand :0p) and I'll try fake tan in a few weeks for the first time.Needless to say I'm a bit scared.Do share some tips and tricks if you can, as yours turned out to be great looking!


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