Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back Busting Beauty (Ouch)!

With all the walking around I’ve been doing this weekend (shopping is hard work, although fun) and sleeping in a different bed for the weekend my back has been suffering and as such I’ve not slept very well. This has had a knock on effect as I look tired, because I am tired – not only in my eyes but I feel like my skin suffers when I’ve not slept very well so I’m not loving this fact right now!

Anyway, I’m on the look out for some good back or full body massage deals on Groupon or Wahanda to alleviate my pain and hopefully return me to normal once home as no amount of good foundation or concealer can hide this for much longer!

Does anybody else have this problem when they’re tired? I’ve only recently started having this issue – ever since I was the wrong side of 25, actually. I’m getting old – help!


  1. Massage is a lovely short term relief for back pain :) However, please don't ever think of going to an Osteopath, I attended sessions for a few months and my GP said he has done so much damage to it! So stick with the massages :) It will be good for the rest of your body and mind too xxx

  2. Hi there, thanks for that. :-) I'm actually under a rheumatologist for general bone/joint issues so don't think that would be a problem, hopefully/thankfully. Have your back issues been sorted out now or are you still in pain? xxx


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