Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Quick Round Up Of Todays Beauty Deals!

This is just a very quick round up of a few deals for today!
The Wahanda New CID Cosmetics offer is still on, if you want this set then now’s the time to get it – I bought mine yesterday so will swatch as soon as it arrives!
Also on Wahanda is a 1 hour Shiatsu massage for £17 instead of £50 – available at various locations around the UK – see Wahanda for more details. Again, if you have a £5 voucher, or haven’t but are not signed up to the newsletter (so can get one when doing so) you can get this deal for just £12, even better (same goes for New CID cosmetics offer above too which would go down to £17)!!
Groupon Manchester still have the Microdermabrasion offer from yesterday, which looks like great value to me!
Today, Groupon Manchester also sees an offer for semi permanent makeup which is just £120 for one area (choice of lips, lashes or brows) and is worth up to £495! I really, really am tempted by this as I feel my mouth is a little wonky in one little area – I don’t think it’s enough to notice in general, but when you know something is there that you don’t like then it’s a personal aggravation to keep seeing it there.

I will have to check the place out and see some of their previous work though as I want a natural finish – I don’t want to be looking like I have been having my make up tattooed on (even though I will have done so) – fussy, me?!

If I find any more deals today then I’ll be sure to post them up as soon as I can! :-)

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