Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Body Hangups!

I’ve always had issues with many parts of my body for one reason or another (which is why I’m finding it hard to get the confidence to put up a full photo of myself) but taking photographs close up for swatches etc has made me so much more aware of such things.

My wonky lip:

For instance, I’ve noticed my lip has gone a bit wonky – it’s not massively noticeable (so I’m told) but it’s definitely something I’m bothered about, so much so that I’m seriously considering having some kind of temporary makeup done on it! I saw a possible one on Groupon today but I think I need to do a bit more research into it first.

Also, my hands are not hairy at all to look at – yet when I do my close up swatch photo’s I am constantly noticing hairs in them – I know there are always going to be small, unnoticeable hairs but it’s rather disconcerting to see them so close up in photo’s!

My 3 'best' fingers:

I also get bothered by my poorly fingers in nail swatches as I have psoriasis and it can show up quite a lot in these shots - hence my first photo’s on here being on fake nail wheels; and hence why you’ll also usually only see maybe 3 of my fingers on my left hand (see above), as they’re the ‘best’ looking ones lol!

I can’t think of one area of my body that I actually like – it’s a sad fact, but a true one. Do you have any body hang-ups? Do you avoid photographs? Am I being completely irrational?


  1. For your fingers, why not consider doing swatches with your other hand? I have eczema on my right hand so I always take picture of my left hand (=

  2. Your lips are NOT wonky. Fact. Mine are wonky, one sides fuller than the other.

    And I think we all have hang ups of some kind or other, it's how we cope with them that makes the difference.

    Ms Red


  3. I agree with Ms Red, your lips look great! I have really weird wonky lips and that's why you'll never see a close up of them on my blog :P

  4. GABY - I would but my left hand IS my better hand. :--( My right hand is awful, so much more red and inflamed (it's still patches, not all over but still very much in view)! xx

    Ms Red - Ahh thanks, but that was from the Max Factor post where I was able to disguise it a little more than if they were left natural. Your lips look lovely on your photo's - they look very smooth too, I envy that as mine always look dry (think this is down to the psoriasis/dry skin thing) so have to disguise things haha! xx

    Kat - Thanks lovely, they are disguised a little with the Max Factor pen though. It's weird though, I'd rather do a close up on my wonky lips than show my whole face as I haven't the confidence to do that! It took me so long to put my face on Twitter for a small photo and even then, that's an old picture where I don't feel I look too bad haha! xx

    I feel like a right misery writing about my hangups, but I figure it might help me get past them... somehow. xx

  5. I only realised that I have wonky lips when I used the ´mirror image´ button while using my webcam. I really hope that´s not how I look to other people. But then again, maybe wonky lips are normal!

  6. Haha, what a way to find out - I'm sure they don't look like that to others anyway! I think wonky lips ARE probably normal... doesn't help in how we feel about them though, does it? xx


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