Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hair Don'ts - Pic Heavy!

Yesterday I showed you some of the hairstyles I had instantly loved when I came across them in my hunt for hair-inspiration. Today I’ll be showing the styles that were less than favourable for me (and probably 96.5% of the rest of the population too) – luckily there’s not as many as my previous post, otherwise I’d be getting very worried about what was going so very wrong!

Pixie Geldof's orange hair and dark roots? No thank you... even without the roots this would be a complete no-no to me. Her blonde (ish) hair on the right isn't much better, so dry and out of condition - get a treatment on it lady!
 Katie Waissell's crappy mismatched extensions do her no favours at all, plus her hair is also in terrible condition - lay off the bleach!! Her next 'do isn't any better, dried out and messy looking - this attempted quiff is wrong on so many levels!
Similarly Katherine Heigl's attempted quiff also looks horrendous - I can't believe she chopped off her beautiful hair, but more importantly I can't believe she thought that this style was the one to go for when getting ready that day!
Dolly Dolly Dolly... you rock, but your hairstyle should not be adopted by anybody else (but you)... it could do with a bit of an update, non?
Taylor Momsen's hair is too long (or at least her cheap looking extensions are) - it looks unkempt, and thin!!
Nicole Ritchie's hair is just plain messy here; sometimes messy hair can look nice, I grant you that but this looks like it's barely been introduced to a brush!
I'm just not keen on Robyn's short, bowl style crop!
Too much, too much!
Just... no... words!!

Anyway, these lot should have gone on Groupon or Wahanda to see if they could find a deal to sort their hair out - I know I would if I had any of these hairdo's!!

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  1. Your work here on this blog has been top notch from day 1. You've been continously providing amazing articles for us all to read and I just hope that you keep it going on in the future as well. Cheers!


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