Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cosmetic Dentistry & The Celebrity Smile!

I'm not that confident in 'real life', and that includes about my teeth - they're not terrible but when I see celebrities that have perfectly straight, bright white beautiful teeth it does make me feel like I'd like a piece of that action too!

I have thought about getting dental veneers many times, I love the way they can look when done well (i.e the expensive ones) but at the moment my budget would not allow for it by any stretch of the imagination, I’m sure that I'm not the only one who would consider it either?! However after seeing a photo of Nicola Roberts (at least that’s who I *think* it is lol) it’s made me think a little harder about it. I’ll show you the picture before going on...

Now... I really don’t mean to sound like a mean girl here (as I am certainly far from perfect myself) but she looks like she’s fresh from the doggie dentures advert with those gnashers!! Yes they’re straight and pearly white but those good points fall by the wayside because they clearly look too big for her mouth/lips - I actually think I prefer her natural teeth to these!

Now the reason that this one picture has made me think twice (apart from the obvious) is that I would assume that somebody like Nicola Roberts would have the means and contacts to go to the best cosmetic dentist there is to get her work done... and if this is the outcome then I do wonder what a mere mortal like myself would end up looking like when I know I probably couldn’t afford to go to the best in the business.

Anyway, it hasn’t put me off completely (if I was to ever win the lottery or whatever), but it certainly has given me food for thought. I am tempted to maybe have mine whitened first, see what that turns out like - especially after seeing a deal on Groupon (Manchester for once, yay) for LED whitening for £75 instead of £299. I'm going to spend some of my day looking into it, seeing how effective it is as to whether it's suitable for me!

What do you make of Nicola's new teeth, would you have veneers?


  1. My teeth are my most hated parts of me. I actually despise them. They arent even *that* bad, the are normal size and stuff just a bit wonky on the top. :s.

    Sounds pathetic but they actually make me cry at least once a week. Theres nothing that can be done because im on the NHS and they arent actually terrible. They look shit but because they arent causing pain and arent like dangerous in anyway nothing can be done.

    I whitened mine and then drank coffee to stain them again straight away because they were too noticeable when white. I wont talk to new people or smile in any photo. Pathetic I know... Sigh.


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