Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few Beauty Deals For Today!

We all love a bargain; it gives us the buzz of buying new things but without so much of the guilt associated with actually laying out the dosh! This post has some of the best beauty bargains I’ve found on the net recently that I think you’d be interested in.

Truth be told, I can never resist a bargain which can get to be quite an expensive trait to have, even at bargain prices, so I must admit that I do still feel twinges of guilt if I’m spending instead of saving for my wedding – they don’t last too long though! ;-)

On Wahanda for £22 you can get an Exclusive 3-piece Makeup Hero Collection from New CID Cosmetics plus Free Delivery (saving you 62%). The set contains the i-smoulder pencil and shadow to create fabulous smoky eyes, a limited edition baked bronzer and highlighter duo for beautiful glowy skin, plus the i-gloss light up lipgloss for perfectly pouty glam lips!

This is a National deal so you can buy it wherever you are in the country but stocks are limited so could sell out at any time! A big bonus with this deal is that you can also get a £5 discount voucher to use on this deal if you sign up to the Wahanda newsletter (if you’re not already subscribed) so that would take this already fabulous deal down to £17!!
Groupon Manchester have a great microdermabrasion deal (FOUR microdermabrasion sessions for £39.95 instead of £150 – plus £50 off any other treatment there, to be precise) that I am definitely looking into for myself; I need to look into it because I have psoriasis that I don’t want to make worse, but if they don’t advise against me having it done then I will purchasing this without any hesitation. 

Microdermabrasion is basically a form of exfoliation that sloughs away dead skin but also uses an adjustable suction to help to remove the outer layers of skin. With microdermabrasion you could see a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and shallow acne scarring; it could also help to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation.
On the Groupon London Specials page there’s an interesting offer for semi permanent makeup (eyebrows, or eyeliner) at COSMEDOCTOR for £149 instead of £450. I say interesting because COSMEDOCTOR is actually located inside Superdrug on Kensington High Street. I only really found out about this new venture in Superdrug yesterday on Twitter so it seems very coincidental to see this on Groupon today.

COSMEDOCTOR also offer other non surgical treatments such as botox, fillers, laser hair removal, and chemical peels etc within their Superdrug location and there’s also a fish spa in there too (although I’m going off on a tangent here so more about all that in another post).  I quite fancy having a bit of semi permanent makeup – maybe on my lips or brows, have any of you had it done?
On the Birmingham Groupon page you can get a voucher for £180 worth of facial injection treatments that will cost you just £59! Now this will cover things like botox and fillers I’d expect so on face value (as I’ve never been to the clinic in question) this seems like a really, really good deal. The offer covers 1 area but you can purchase more areas for £60 each – so only £1 more than the deal price, which is rather good. I would quite like to try botox to be honest, I wouldn’t want the full on no movement effect but just enough to prevent any wrinkle damage occurring – as they do say that prevention is better than cure!
My final deal for today is on Superdrug, 3 Accessorize nail polishes in a set for £1.99. There are 2 sets available but they can’t guarantee which set you will be sent. I’ve heard good things about Accessorize polish (and the range in general) so this seems like a very good deal to me (as there’s no point in spending the money, however cheap on products that are no good)!

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