Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swatches: OPI Touring America (I Eat Mainly Lobster, Honk If You Love OPI & Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window), Plus Silver Shatter!

I received a lovely package containing 3 of the OPI Touring America (autumn 2011) shades, and also Silver Shatter from the upcoming Pirates collection (spring/summer 2011). I absolutely adore the shades I have been sent, I’m just not sure if I can wait until autumn to get my hands on about 6 more shades from the collection haha! I decided to swatch them all together as to be quite honest, I just couldn’t wait to get them on my nails!

My absolute favourite from the 3 shades I received has to be ‘I Eat Mainly Lobster’ and I am so pleased I have it as I have no doubt that it’s going to be one of my favourite summer shades this year! The polish is a little bit more on the pink side than my camera has shown it to be, a perfect bright coral shade with tiny speckles of gold shimmer running through it – absolutely gorgeous! It did take 4 coats to get it perfect but it is SO worth it!

 Close up:

 ‘Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window

This is a murky olive green, a perfect shade for autumn, I feel. This was good to go in about 3 fairly thin coats but could get away with 2 slightly thicker coats! I love this colour but I think it would be even more amazing if they had the same gold shimmer running through – that would be the icing on the cake for me, although I’m more than happy to wear it as it is, anyway!

Honk If You Love OPI

This is a beautiful deep grapey purple – I do love my dark polishes when we get to autumn and winter and this is no exception. It needed a good 3 coats, possibly even 4 depending on how thick you do each coat but again it’s well worth it. I have numerous dark purple shades but this one is different yet again, well worth having even if you do have a collection of deep purples already (in my opinion anyway, although I am a bit of an addict)!


All 3 shades (sorry there's so many, the light catches them differently in each one):


Silver Shatter is from the Pirates Of The Caribbean collection for spring/summer 2011 and will be out in May but I thought I’d include it with these since a) it came with them in the package and b) it looked especially good over I Eat Mainly Lobster once applied! I love this shatter; it’s kind of foil-y and metallic which I think would work well over all kinds of polish colours.

I hope they bring out a gold to match as I think this kind of finish works so, so well with a shatter polish – it certainly makes a change from the matte finish crackle effect polishes!

I found it ever so slightly harder to work with, but got used to it fairly quickly - I worked from my little finger towards my thumb and I think you can see it has crackled better from my middle finger to my thumb in the pictures below?!


What do you think of them, do you likey? x

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