Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Groupon Sunbed Deal... Hmmm?!

Eek, a Groupon beauty deal that I’m really, really not so sure about popped up today in Manchester. It’s for seven sunbed sessions for £19.75 - apparently the value is £49 but all my local tanning shops seem to be £3 for 9 minutes – which is what is being proposed here which would equate to £21 in total, so still more but not quite as much as the ‘normal’ price; although I’m sure these are much swankier beds, with sound systems in, no less – although I’d rather pay less and have to cope with no sound system for the whole 9 minutes lol!

Anyway, I know people are going to use sunbeds if they want (so I’m not going to start preaching that sunbeds are the root of all evil or anything), and I use them too – every now and then (about 4 times per year, 2 on either side of my annual holiday as that’s generally all I can be bothered with) but there’s a couple of things that just don’t sit well with me.

1. They seem to pre-determine that you want 9 minutes each time – why not give you a set amount of minutes that you can use in any way you like?


2. They say you have 28 days to use all these sessions... this seems like an awfully short time to cram in all that sunbed time, especially as I’m sure I read somewhere that you should (in theory and according to regulations) never exceed 20 sessions per year – yes this is probably unrealistic for those of you who enjoy a year round tan but for a company to pretty much force you to have all these sessions in that amount of time seems wrong to me. Again, why can’t they just let you use all the minutes within say 6 months, in your own way?

What do you think? Would you use a sunbed this much in 28 days? I’m not sure I could so it’s not a deal I’d be taking up – plus there are much better deals on the Groupon site that I’d be more interested in, that may be better for me in the long run anyway!


  1. I did used to be borderline addicted to sunbeds but I've gone the other way and am very anti-sunbeds now, they've damaged my skin.

    But during my years of heavy use I'd have easily used (and enjoyed!) all those 7 sessions and more.

  2. It's weird how you can do a complete U-Turn on things like this, isn't it. I mean I love having a tan, I look so much better for it, but I'm always so scared that it will to more harm than good that I don't really bother so much with them.

    I used them more in my younger days (when the damage wasn't so widely reported) and probably wasn't even that bothered when it did start filtering through - because I was young (is it just me or when you get older, you get more scared of things? haha) but I wouldn't say I was ever a heavy user, even then!

    I think I'm just destined to be pale and interesting for the most part as I can't maintain fake tan very well either lol! x


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