Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deals Deals Deals!

Today’s deals aren’t all beauty related, purely because I saw some bloody good deals and thought that they should be included regardless of this fact!

Ok so first up we have Groupon deals:
Manchester (actually, Bolton but it’s close enough I guess) Groupon has a lovely looking deal at Brown Cow Beauty Salon. You can get a full body massage, scalp massage AND facial microdermabrasion for just £29 (for one person) or £54 (for two people)! You will already know that I’m very interested in microdermabrasion if you’ve seen other deals I’ve posted but this whole package sounds like such a treat and at a bargain price too! :-)
Groupon Leeds shows a deep tissue massage deal, just £12 for the pleasure – this sounds like just what I need. You get a full hour of massage with balm being used for areas that give you trouble – lovely!

My final 3 Groupon deals aren’t beauty deals but if you’re in the market for some wine, a new mobile phone or a tablet pc with broadband contract then these could be worth a glance!
Samsung Galaxy Tab for £15 instead of £49 (normal contract cost before line rental) with a 24 month contract for £15 per month (usual monthly cost £25). This looks a fantastic deal as if you were to buy just the tablet PC from Amazon right now, you’d be paying about £372 whereas this will cost you £375 in total but included in that is 500mb of internet each month (with no extra cost incurred if you go over your allowance, I know this to be true as I am a T Mobile customer normally) - I might have to buy one of these, they're very good - my brother in law owns one!
Samsung Omnia Windows 7 Phone 7 for £28 (worth £280) on a 24 month contract with T Mobile for either £15 (300 minutes, unlimited texts) or £25 (900 minutes, unlimited texts) per month! I’ve never used this phone but I did have the previous Omnia which I loved, and the Samsung Galaxy S is also amazing. I really think that Samsung have upped their game with their mobile devices – good on them!
Finally there’s £15 for a £35 voucher to use at – I’ve seen a mixed crate on there for £39 which would be great value – I’m tempted but I’m desperately trying to watch my figure so I can splurge in Egypt soon haha!
Amazon have Zumba Fitness for the Wii for just £19.98 - it's meant to be great fun and a good way to burn fat and keep fit (see, this one is still beauty related *phew*) and I'm very tempted to buy it!

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