Friday, April 22, 2011

Hair Do's - Pic Heavy!

I’ve been looking at hair styles ever since booking my holiday to Egypt as I think I might be in the market for a bit of a new style (hence I'm still scanning Groupon & Wahanda for good deals), so I thought I’d share with you some of the hairstyles that I found on the hunt that have grabbed my attention for all the right reasons, and some that really haven't  (in a separate post)!
Diane Kruger with a messy side plait showing that an up-do doesn’t always have to be neat and tidy to look fantastic! I love this hair and her simple makeup and flawless skin just emphasises the look to me.
I’m loving wavy/curly bobs lately and this one on Scarlett Johansson is no different – she’s effortlessly beautiful!
In fact I love waves and curls full stop, and on Nicole Kidmans stunning red hair they have even more impact – jealz!
I’m so glad that Lily Cole has gone back to her natural colour, she looked beautiful either way but if I had hair like that naturally there’d be no way I would cover it up!! The style is effortless but not messy, and definitely something that I think would be easily achievable for most people!
Christie Brinkley shows she’s still got it with 2 full on glamorous hair styles – fabulous, no?
Rose McGowan – Can this girl do no wrong? She’s so, so beautiful and always seems to hit the nail on the head with her look!
Love Katie Holmes’ hair here, it’s so healthy and lustrous and the curls are perfect... but what is going on with her face? Is that bad/OTT airbrushing or was she caught at a bad moment on camera? Eek!
Loving Drew's hair colour, it looks a little messy but I think she still pulls it off with style!
Loving Lisa Snowdon's hippy curls - she's a stunner!
I love Audrina Partridge's hair colour and her style is so effortless yet she still manages to look amazing!
Lady Gaga shows that she can also pull off the glamorous look with ease as she sports beautiful Hollywood curls!
 Ashley Tisdale's simple but effective style is not only perfect for the beach this summer, but can also be dressed up for the evening too - love it, I'm going to try to perfect this for my holiday!
Kara Tointon looks elegant here and her sleek up-do really accentuates her long, slender neck.

Finally some of the Glee girls gracing the cover of Marie Claire, they all look amazing, with their hair, makeup and clothes – love love love this cover!

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