Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Top Groupon Beauty Deals For Today!

Along with the LED teeth whitening in Manchester that I noticed a short white ago, I also noticed a similar deal for 'Laser Teeth Whitening for £87 at The Harley Laser Specialists (Value £350)' in London - for any of you that may be interested in having yours done!

Another London deal that caught my eye is the 'Piscean Fish Pedicure for £12 at Anesis (Value £30)' - I had my first fish spa experience in Kuala Lumpur last year and I really loved it, they're a lot cheaper over there but this deal really seems like good value. If you do go for this then don't do what I first did and waste 15 minutes squealing with your feet hovering over the water!

In Leeds you can get 'Three Sessions of Diamond Microdermabrasion for £39 at Foxy's Hair Salon (Value £120)'  and also 'Ten Fitness Boot Camp Sessions for £19 with The BEST Boot Camp (Value £70)' which could be great for getting you in tip top condition for the summer.

People in Cardiff can also have get their workout on with 'Five Personal Training Sessions for £35 with Cardiff Personal Training Studio (Value £150)'.

If you're in Sheffield then you can get a cracking deal with 'One Day Spa Access Plus Either a Full Body St.Tropez Spray Tan, a Manicure or a Pedicure for £16 at LivingWell Sheffield (Value up to £47)' and in stark contrast to the previous 2 exercise related deals you also get a slice of cake and standard Costa coffee included... plus other benefits too!

Finally, not beauty related but I thought still worth a mention is the 'National Deal' as you can get a £50 voucher for just £20 to spend on hotel accommodation (worldwide) at you can always get a spa or beauty treatment with the saving you make. ;-)

As always, these deals are all available on the Groupon website!


  1. Groupon offers the most unusual deals and gives people amazing discounts, and surely, who wouldn't want to nab teeth whitening at such low price?

  2. Wow, thanks for such big deals!


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