Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Top Groupon Beauty Deals For Today!

Along with the LED teeth whitening in Manchester that I noticed a short white ago, I also noticed a similar deal for 'Laser Teeth Whitening for £87 at The Harley Laser Specialists (Value £350)' in London - for any of you that may be interested in having yours done!

Another London deal that caught my eye is the 'Piscean Fish Pedicure for £12 at Anesis (Value £30)' - I had my first fish spa experience in Kuala Lumpur last year and I really loved it, they're a lot cheaper over there but this deal really seems like good value. If you do go for this then don't do what I first did and waste 15 minutes squealing with your feet hovering over the water!

In Leeds you can get 'Three Sessions of Diamond Microdermabrasion for £39 at Foxy's Hair Salon (Value £120)'  and also 'Ten Fitness Boot Camp Sessions for £19 with The BEST Boot Camp (Value £70)' which could be great for getting you in tip top condition for the summer.

People in Cardiff can also have get their workout on with 'Five Personal Training Sessions for £35 with Cardiff Personal Training Studio (Value £150)'.

If you're in Sheffield then you can get a cracking deal with 'One Day Spa Access Plus Either a Full Body St.Tropez Spray Tan, a Manicure or a Pedicure for £16 at LivingWell Sheffield (Value up to £47)' and in stark contrast to the previous 2 exercise related deals you also get a slice of cake and standard Costa coffee included... plus other benefits too!

Finally, not beauty related but I thought still worth a mention is the 'National Deal' as you can get a £50 voucher for just £20 to spend on hotel accommodation (worldwide) at you can always get a spa or beauty treatment with the saving you make. ;-)

As always, these deals are all available on the Groupon website!

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  1. Groupon offers the most unusual deals and gives people amazing discounts, and surely, who wouldn't want to nab teeth whitening at such low price?


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