Friday, March 25, 2011

Did You Observe National No Makeup Day?

Yesterday was National No Makeup Day, and it got me wondering what the point in having it was? I mean it’s not like No Smoking Day where it brings awareness to health and giving up smoking etc, so I just don’t understand the reason for it. Did you even know it was happening, and if you did know, did you observe it?

I have to say that I did observe it - not intentionally though,, it was only because I spent the day in my half demolished kitchen and so didn’t see the point in putting on any makeup as it would really have been a waste of my time, since my face was full of brick dust pretty quickly.

I’m not the kind of girl who won’t go out without a full face of makeup anyway so it was no big deal. I have no problem in going to do my shopping without any makeup on at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not *that* confident with my face sans makeup (or even with it), it’s just sometimes I really can’t be bothered to do it just for the sake of an hour in Tesco.

What are your views on going makeup-less? Is it something that bothers you or something that you do regularly?


  1. I didnt even know it was national none make up day but even if I had I still would have worn my make up.

  2. this is a bit late i guess

    but i'd like to give you some reasons why its important. recently ive been doing a lot of studying and watching of modern culture, the lives of young people today are driven by it. its all about the "reality" television and gossip rags. I think our generation is losing touch with what is real in life, what matters!

    make-up may be to you just a simple thing, part of your daily routine, but its implications are much greater, make up is used to give you the wearer, a certain amount of appeal, you feel good cause your wearing it, and men will notice you looking flawless.

    i find that to be one of the more haunting things caused by modern magazines, theyre making girls believe that this is they way they are supposed to look......everyday!!

    when in reality, a decent man would look at you and love your apparent flaws,lifes not about looking amazing, its about living amazingly, im not some over weight man, attempting to reason why girls arent looking my way, im young successful and well basically normal looking.

    next year, take part, it might seem pointless, but it has its reasons.

    add me on facebook if you wish.!/profile.php?id=100000147448120


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  4. National No Makeup Day serves as a refreshing reminder that beauty transcends cosmetics. This annual observance encourages individuals to embrace their natural appearance, promoting self-acceptance and self-confidence. Many participants ditch their makeup routines, opting for a more authentic reflection of themselves. This year, in support of the occasion, I noticed several influencers and friends sharing their makeup-free selfies on social media. It was heartwarming to witness their raw and unfiltered beauty. Additionally, some influencers even used heavy duty stickers with empowering messages as a creative way to celebrate the day and encourage others to join the movement. National No Makeup Day is a powerful initiative that fosters body positivity and challenges societal beauty standards.


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